JoshS: The Abandoned Funfair

I walked slowly into the abandoned funfair my heart beating slowly beat after beat, louder and louder until I was in. In the background a soft melody was playing which I couldn’t quiet put my finger on but the more I listened to it the more I seemed to recognise it, but ignoring that I carried on walking down the long dusty road… At  the other side of the park I could see the largest roller-coaster here. but from the entrance you could only see the egg shaped drop that climbed and then plummeted towards no doubtedly terrifying any rider on-board, no matter how tough they are.

I noticed that some of the rides signs were hanging on a single hinge or had collapsed on the floor but as I walked under a ghost train the sign held above the ride collapsed above me! I immediately felt my adrenaline kick in, in a fast attempt to escape the falling sign I sprinted towards candy floss store the smell of rotting candy floss still floating in the air around it. In a final attempt to escape I leaped towards victory but then, a disaster struck that would change my life forever…

2 thoughts on “JoshS: The Abandoned Funfair

  1. Oooh, very dramatic Josh! You clearly like writing stories as much as I do!! Well done!

    Love Ellen, Lewis’s mum x

  2. I couldn’t write like that when I was in Year Six! I’m in Year 10 and what you’ve written is helping me plan my descriptive writing assessment

    So thank y

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