Camping and Blogathon 3

Last night we all put up our tents and camped on the school field in tents. At 2:30am we did a Skype call to a school in AustraliIa, I was extremely tired! I stayed in a 4 man tent with Jasmin, Alix and Brooke, it was amazing.

The camping was also Blogathon 3 which is where we blog for 24 hours people on different shifts.Whilst we were up on the field, Mr Huthart set us a challenge. We got put into teams and we had to run a lap around the field without letting go off each others hands. Also we had to work our way under a camoflague net before coming back into the court. In the court we had to make a bridge that could hold someone on using just wooden planks! I loved it.

After hours of fun, I finally got to sleep. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.


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