Our camping experience

We have been camping on our school field in tents and we have been blogging all night in shifts. In my tent there was me and Emily, it was funny, we were all watching a movie and then we went up to bed and did shifts.

Also we have been doing skypes to different classes in different places, we did one to Ireland, Africa and we did one at 2 in the morning to Australia. Half of us got up for it but then the others didn’t, we stayed in the tent and then we got up in the morning and started blogging.

Party in the yard 5

On Saturday 15th June we held a party in the yard on our school field. It was very exiting with lots to do and see. Here are some of the things including: hook a duck, stocks, badge making, bouncy castle, hot dogs and burgers, live band, bran tub and lots more. We each had stalls. Amelia and I had the stocks. We got very wet when people threw sponges at us and then we had our picture taken.

There was a dance club, they did yoga and relaxation exercises. Kian was in the palm studios dance team and did various different songs.

It was a tiring experience but amazing.

By Alice

Bridge making

Today we worked in 4 groups. W had to run a lap round the field holding hands. My team were dragging each other around and it was really fun. We then had to run to the army net and crawl under it.

When we had done that we had to get back to the court and make a bridge with wood still holding hands. We makes the bridge strong enough to hold a person. Reanna was able to be held on it. Then we had to crawl under the bridge head first and then feet first. When we did the feet first one Owen dragged me and I got really mucky.

Then we went back to the tents and had a break ready to watch a film later.


By Alice

Roller skating

Year six have had there SATS and as a reward we have been to Simply Skate in Rotherham, it was so fun and I only fell over twice. Every one had a go even the teachers, Miss Jackson fell over too. Mr Huthart didn’t fall over I think. We had a buffet there and I had sandwiches, crisps, chicken, chips and other things. It was a great day I everyone enjoyed it.

Our trip to London.

At 7:00am we prepared for a long journey to London and we went on a long stuffy and hot bus. I was very tired and I kept on singing to the songs that were on the radio, we sang to Olly Murs.  On the coach we got very bored and I sat next to Srushti and we were playing on my Ipod touch. Two hours in we stopped at the service stop so the driver could have a break. As the journey nearly ended we saw some really big houses in London one had a pink limo!

When we got there we went on the London Eye it costed £7.92 each and it took half an hour to go the whole way round once, Did you know that the London Eye is 135m high and it weighs 330 tones over 20 times heavier than Big Ben! Also 3.5 million customers every year visits the London Eye.

After that we went on the Boat Cruise that costed £4.60 and we went across the River Thames. The Thames is 346km long and 870 feet wide. After the River Cruise we had our lunch and then we got back on the bus. On the way back we didn’t have a service stop and as Kian was coming up the aisle Mr Huthart was crouching behind the seat and he scared Kian soo much it was so funny. After that when George came up Mr Huthart pretended to be trying to get to sleep and grabbed George’s leg but it didn’t scare him one bit.

There fore we had a great trip even though it was really tiring and Mr Huthart being funny was the highlight.


Grease play

This year our school is doing a Grease production, as the weeks go on we have improved so much.

We all know our lines and all of the song lyrics and all of the dances too, here are some of the main parts, Danny – Liam Fox, Sandy – Olivia Williams, T-birds – Tom Prince, Owen Morris, Kieran Morris and Billy Huthart. Pink ladies – Emily Mindham, Darcie Royle, Millie Hayes, Rose Marshall.

I enjoy being a part of the Grease play because I get to say lines and do dances and sing that’s what everyone auditioned for. If you come to the production then you will see the fun we have had making this play up.


Last week class 6 went to the seaside, when we got there we went in the sea and I rode a donkey called Joey then after we played in the sand and in the sea and got wet we had our lunch and played some more after that we went to the chip shop our school paid for everyone to have chips!! We then went to the shop and got back on the bus.

It was a really fun day. because it was forecasting a dreadful thunderstorm we took our coats and waterproofs but it was so sunny until we got on the bus then it started to rain and thunder. Over all we had a great day.

My Biography about Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Louise Pendleton is 32 years old and she is an Olympic cyclist. Victoria has a nickname which is Queen Victoria named after the one and only Queen Victoria. She was born on the 24th September 1980. She was born in Stotford and she weighs 60kg and her height is 1.65m. Victoria has one brother called Alex James Pendleton and a sister called Nicola Jane Pendleton Who is older then her. Her mum is called Pauline M Viney and her farther is called Max Pendleton.

Victoria won a bronze and three silver medals in the 2001 British National Track Championships. Victoria also won silver in a 500m race in 2006 at the Commonwealth games in Melbourne. From 2008-2012 she was doing a Sky Track cycling. For Victoria’s 30th birthday she had a tattoo put on her arm from a verse of her favourite song.

At the moment Victoria is engaged to sports scientist Scott Gardner. In February 2012 Halfords let out a new Pendleton range of bikes on which Victoria herself had worked as a design consultant. Victoria is also on series 10 of strictly come dancing.

My review of a Christmas carol

On the 13th November class 6 watched a Christmas carol. It was very good but not the best film I have ever watched. We all got in our sleeping bags and settled down to watch the film.

Scrooge played a really good part because at first he didn’t like christmas and then he liked it after. Scrooge didn’t have any loving family and Christmas is a time for family and friends to be with you, my favourite part of the film was when Christmas past took him to see all of the streets and the snow. My least favourite part was when Jacob Marley died at the begining, That was my least favorite part. I like the Latest Scrooge better then the older one. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who have young children as the people and the story line might scare or frighten them.The animations were quite good it’s better when you have cartoon people more then real people, real people scare kids more and cartoons are better because they are more funny. I rate this film 4/5 stars. That’s really good to say I wasn’t that keen on it. Thank you very much for reading my review keep on visiting our site.





Every Monday evening my mum and dad dragged me round the fields and the country side I didn’t like it much and one windy Monday evening they took me to the country side and because I was a really slow walker I dragged behind and a tree started to split and I ran but I couldn’t catch up and I shouted but they didn’t hear me. The tree fell on my leg, I was trapped. I couldn’t move I shouted again but they didn’t hear me! Then I started jumping to conclusions in my head and I had to stop myself from thinking that because I was scaring myself! I was very nervous in case nobody came and found me. I tried to release my leg but I couldn’t. I needed help. I thought I didn’t know what to do what could I do I asked myself? I started screaming by then someone would have had to notice that I had gone especially my mum and dad they must have. Again I screamed, again and again and again! How did I know that my family would realise that I had gone they came rushing towards me and tried to remove the tree so they called the fire brigade and helped me out. I had to go to the hospital of corse to check me over but I was fine.