Aliens have landed

I walked out of my back door there was a massive rocket landed, out came tumbling 5 small aliens. I thought I was in a dream. I ran into the house screaming and shouting ” ALIENS HAVE LANDED” my mum shouted what’s the matter I was still screaming and shouting she Looked out of her window there she saw 5 mini aliens running around the garden tipping all the plant pots over and the benches upside down. My mum ran downstairs and opened the door and shouted “WHAT ARE YOU DOING “they ran back into their rocket and waited for 5 minutes. They peeked out of the  window and me and my mum  hid behind the rocket until the aliens had gone they finally Took Off and we ran inside because it was blowing us all over. When they had gone we went outside to  tidy the garden and there was a massive circle from we’re they had landed in there space ship. Finally we tidied the garden and it was all back to normal.

Party in the yard

On Saturday 15th June it was party in the yard. There was lots of activities to choose from such as bouncy castle face paints hook a duck stocks nails hot dog stall pizza stall  badge making and much more. We do a party in the yard every year, you can even design your own badge.

You can pick what ever  patten you want for face paint and you can pick were you want it such as on your legs arm or even your face if you want ,also you can pick what coulor you want it to be. Hook a duck you win a prize when you huch a duck you can pick what coulour you want your nails and also what patten you want. Badge making is awesome pick your design and design it your self.

The challenge

Today it is the Norbridge blogathon we were all very exited, there were lots of exciting activities to do such as bridge building, running around the field and also crawling under things.It was a great experience and also great fun.

We worked in groups with about 15 people in each. But while we were running we had to hold hands and were not allowed to let go. We had to work as a team such as when we had to crawl under stuff we had to cheer for each other. But while crawling under the stuff the teachers made it harder by standing on the corners so we had to wriggle thorough it.

First we had to run around the field then under the net then we had to run into the court yard and build a bridge but to test the bridge someone had to stand on it, that was scary!!!!

At the funfair

Yesterday I went to the funfair with Charlie and Olivia  , when we first walked into the funfair we saw Lots of thrilling rides. We were desperate to go on all of the rides my favourite rides was the gravity wheel it was massive, it was as tall as the London eye. All I could hear was ahhhhhh from the gravity wheel because it was going so fast. So we queued for the gravity final we got to the front and we managed to get on.


On 13 June 2013 we went on a school trip to cleethorpes for 1 day for a free trip because we tried our best in SAT’s. We sat on the beach for 3 hours. Then after that we had some free chips as well. We all I enjoyed our great day out with school and  we went to the gift shop and some people got sweets some people got icecream and some people got rock after that we went to the coach and went back home. On the Way home most of us was tired but other people was quite lively and shouting. When we got back to school we was aloud straight home because it had gone past home time.

our trip to London

On Thursday 21st class 6 and pupil council went on a trip to London. We had to be at school for 6:45am.

On the way to London I sat near my friends so I didn’t get to board!! It was a very long journy there it took about 4 hours and we was all tierd and we couldnt get to sleep because some of the other people was shouting.

When we arrived we stopped for a toilet break and then we went on the London eye,
the London eye was GIGANTIC. It was £7.92 for one person and it is 135m high and quite wide. There was alot of us there was 42 children and 4 adults altogether there was 46 of us.

After the london eye we went on a river cruise, we went around the river and as we went round, someone who worked on the boat told us what every thing was when we went past it and the history of the different buildings.

after all the travling and the London eye also the river cruise we had our dinner at the side of the river themes.

On the way back nearly all of us was asleep and we didn’t get back untill about 7:30, it was a long journy home because there was a lot of traffic.

We had a fantastic day!


marvin humes (jls)

Marvin Hume’s was born on the 18th of march 1985,
he is a member of Jls, his age is 27.

He has brown eyes has brown hair,
his favorite colour is green.

when he was younger he went to harefield academy and he got a job when he was 11!
Know he is grown up he is a singer with 3 other men called Aston, oritse, and Jonathon Benjamin Gill know as (JB) their band is called Jls!!

marvin has 2 siblings and a girlfriend.

I think they are the best band because:
They are very good at singing,
they have lots of different songs that are good
also they are amazing performers.

Marvin’s girlfriend is famous because she is called Rochell out of the sugar babes!

our trip to meet Jls ( not real)

Excitement buzzed in the air, I couldn’t belive we were here. Me Olivia and Charlie stood and waited, it was finally time for our suprise, me and my friends stood there and waited paciently for the doors to open, my friend Olivia said “I wonder who it might be in there”, me and Charlie agreed, my mum said “you will have to wait and see wont you?” “yes” we all said. The doors opened we stood and watched the doors open, we walked in the doors, slamed shut, it was dark there was a noise and was 4 boys walked onto the stage it was…
JLS!! Me Olivia and Charlie all ran up to them and nearly knocked them over!! I said to them, “I cant belive I have met you!!” Aston said “come with us” and there was a pink and white limo he opened the door and said “in you get”. I made sure I sat next to Aston and so did Olivia, and Charlie sat next to Marvin and Jb. Across from were my mum and dad werev sat I heard a voice it was Alice Aston rang up and asked to see if we could have a extra person to stay with us and they said “yes”, Aston told my friend Alice and she was that exited she was jumping and made the limousine bounce!

the limo set off and away we went, we ended up at a airport aston, marvin, orsit’e and jb had bucked a holiday for 8 people! me, olivia, charlie, my mum aston, marvin, orsit’e and jb for two week, we were going to abeefer! we walkec on to the plain i sat next to aston the plain set of and we was off!!

Time to go

Time to go


Time to go to war,
Even though I’m very poor,
A Soldier is needed more.

 Time to go to battle,
Tears in my eyes,
Saying my big goodbyes,
It’s time to start this war.


Time to go over the trench,
To start the fight,
Very dark in the night.

Time to go, a terrible death,
Hit in the fight,

As it started to get light,
Its time to end the war.

Time to go to my family,
Crying under their breath,
Over my tragic death.

Time to go to my graveside,
Gone but not forgot,
Love you such a lot,
Its time to stop this war.

 Time to go, you know I need you now,
So sorry you are gone,
But we wont be long.




today we did baking at school and we made rock buns. In my group was Srushti, mia, olivia, millie, darcie, amy, kian and charlie h. we had to weigh the ingrediants and put it in to a large bowl and then we had to mix it still it looked really good and a good mixture.