News report; Aliens have landed!

NASA have just found out that aliens from Mars have come to earth. The aliens are green and they have got three eyes and antennae. They are now in Russia and they making their way around the world. They will soon be coming to the united kingdom so beware!

If you are worried apparently you need to go to the doctors and have a checkup because you might have a problem. Anyone who sees the aliens tell the BBC then they will buy them tickets to go to Mars. More news will spread tomorrow.

This is a report from Charlie Holmes.

My story about the funfair (not real)

On bonfire night I went to the funfair with all my mates and we all was walking  around spending money. We went on all of the rides but only older ones. We all  was having toffee and chocolate apples. And we was having sugar dummies and we was buying goodies.

Then we went to the stage and adele was singing ‘someone like you’ and we was all cheering then eminem came on stage and there was a Christmas special and we was all very excited, JLS come on! I was screaming my head off more than anybody and I didn’t care if I had a sore throat I just kept on screaming! 

And there was a raffle and it was for going on the waltzer with JLS. I bought 52 and I won and I had to pick five people so I picked all my friends I was with.

So we was on the waltzer and I was sat next to JB and Emily. Then we got stuck, I thought what can happen…

Our grease production.

Our school this year key stage 2 are doing a play and this year it’s Grease. We have worked  really hard and improved so much.

We are performing in a few days and we are really excited to show everyone how well we have done. We have rehearsed every day and we have a brilliant, talented cast. I’m a teacher and I really enjoy it because I get to be really stressed out and I’m really good at it because I’m always stressed out all of the time. Everyone who does solos are really good at it.

I can’t wait for the day to perform our brilliant production!

Our seaside trip

A couple of weeks ago we went to Cleethorpes which was amazing. We had an amazing time and we all want to go again! At first  went on the beach and we all had some money and if you wanted to go on the donkeys then you could, so I went on one called Matty and there were two more spaces so Alice and Emily went on and it was really fun. And we all had a paddle.

Then we went on a grass hill and we all had chips and we were sat down having a chat for about half an hour.

After that we went to the rock shop and I bought a mint choc-chip ice cream and a stick of humbug rock.

I really enjoyed my day at Cleethorpes and if you ever go there I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Sports day

On Monday we did sports day and I was in team relay, sack race, obstacle race and ball dribbling and I didn’t win any of them but I did try my best but then when it came to team relay my group came 3rd so we all got a sticker.

When I was doing sack race I fell over just before the finish line and my mum saw so I got embarrassed but I wasn’t the only one who fell over so I was fine.

When I had obstacle race I thought I was going to win but I came 4th.

It was time for ball dribbling and I was no good at it but still I wasn’t last.

I really loved sports day, it was great!

Our trip to the National coal mining museum.

On Friday we went to the National coal mining museum and we all really enjoyed it so much. We got split into two groups and I was in a group with Mr Huthart and Mrs Bartlett.

First thing we did had a walk and then we went underground and it was amazing. First thing was we got our helmets and then we went to get our battery and torch then we had to test our torches. After that we had to stand on a see-through, glass floor but I didn’t because It’s my biggest fear and loads of people stood in the middle!

Then we had to all fit in a cage and we went deep down underground! At first it was really scary and then I really loved it and it went on and on and on until we got at the bottom. I couldn’t wait till we stopped because I couldn’t wait to see what it was like. My group was with BJ, he was amazing and he was so funny.

So we finished our tour and then we had our dinner, and then we went to the gift shop and I bought a lolly, an ice lolly, tic-tacs and a purple love-heart shaped key-ring.

Then we went to the pithead baths and I really liked it. We was told everything and I’m pretty sure we all learned something!

Then we got back at school and we was all exhausted because of all the walking we did!

Our trip to roller skating

About a month ago we all went to a place called Simply Skate in Rotherham. We all enjoyed it a lot. First thing was we had to put our shoes on, I found it quite tricky at first but once everyone helped me I was fine. Then I looked up and lots of people was skating perfectly and it was my first time ever. I thought I was going to fall over once or twice but I fell over 43 times!

Then I got onto rink and I had to hold on the side until I got the hang of it. (which took a while!) And we all was having fun. And then I thought I got the hang of it so I let go but I fell over straight on my kneecap! I was so embarrassed then Emily helped me up and she showed me how to skate and then I got the hang of it a bit but then the glass wall came up and you can’t really hold on to the wall properly and I fell over but it didn’t really hurt because I fell over loads of times.

Then it was time for lunch and we had all-sorts of food like chicken nuggets and chips and there was crisps, sausage rolls and lots more.

Then we had a couple more hours and then we had to go back to school. If you are reading this then I would advice you to come to simply skate because you’ll really enjoy it!

My day at London.

My start to the day was so tiring! I had to wake up at 6:00am! I started to shake because I was so nervous about the remarkable London eye! I was starting to get cold because I was so petrified…

Me, Olivia and my dad started to drive to school, where everyone was excited to get to London, and then we got into school and my dad said “Bye!” and then Mrs Bartlett took the register. After that we went outside and started to walk up the steps of the bus. I must be honest, I was silent for literally ages! Then I started to get more excited and I got to a point and I could’nt control my excitement!

We got to London and I stepped off the bus and I got some fresh air at last! We all lined up against the wall and I saw how high the London eye was. It was massive! I didn’t want to go on it one bit! I saw people queing at the line being so confident and there was me shivering…

We were at the top of the London eye and I was stuck to the seat then I got brave enough and stood up, I was so proud with myself and I took 132 pictures!

Shortly after we got off (finally)! And then we went onto the boat cruise and we went under the masterpeice (the bridges) and across the boat you could see people taking thousands of pictures and we was so happy that we took pictures of the ITV studios as I was able to show my parents the pictures.

Then we started to have lunch at the side of the river thames and we went into the expensive shops. We started walking across the one and only London city center and got on the bus to go home.

You should really go to London because its really cheap! The London eye for one person is £7.92 and the boat trip is £4.60.