Party in the yard

On one Saturday there was a party on our school field and I’ll now tell you what stalls there were.

There was

Nail painting

face painting

Gardening stall

Candy floss

And lots more but the thing that I liked best was when a special band came to sing and they were amazing and if you was there hope you enjoyed party in the yard.

Y6s amazing trip to Cleethorpes

On thursday 13th june year 6 went to a seaside place called cleethorpes, but on the way to Cleethorpes we were all playing on our phones and ipods and me and my friend Natalie was making music videos on my ipod. One of my other friends called Jasmin was sat across from me and Natalie and we all messed about which was fun and funny.

A awesome trip to simply skate by Chloe perrio

On one Tuesday, year 6 went to simply skate in Rotherham! Miss Jackson and Mrs Bartlett didn’t have the confidence to go on the skating rink but finally everyone convinced them to try it out so Miss Jackson and Mrs Bartlett went on the rink. In the meantime all the year 6’s are loving the skating there is a boy called Lewis and he’s in my class and lewis was the second best skater but Mr Huthart our headteacher he came with us and he was the best!!

I would like to tell you something that I found funny, one of my other friends called cole, well he kept falling over every time he went on the rink and it was so funny. Miss Jackson kept falling over aswell.

While everyone was skating we had music on and It was on a big screen so that we could see the music videos it was awesome. Im glad I went with my class mates. 

We all enjoyed the skating and so did the teachers. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Chloes diary entry

My best day at school…Is when we went to Kingswood and went on the zip wire. It was terrifying at first and I was scared to jump because it was a long way down. The instructor helped me out and helped me to be brave about it. I also did other thing`s at Kingswood like the leap of faith but I only got half way. We got to do aeroball, and there was four spaces and what we had to do was pass the ball to someone on your team and there are two people on a team. We had to try and throw the ball into the holes and if you get the bottom hole you get 5 points and the top one is 10 points, It was really fun and hard. We also went on the 3G swing, it was my favourite thing and I really enjoyed it. I went with Charlie H and we did archery and climbing too. I loved Kingswood , it is so amazing!!!!!!!! “WOW” !!!!!!!!!!

A christmas carol by chloe perrio

Last night class 6 was up waching a film called a christmas carol. It was good, its about a ghost and a man and other ghost one of the ghost took him back in time to see what it is like when the man was a little boy at christmas.

The funny thing was when he fell down the pavement stairs, I didn`t like it when the bad ghost was haunting the man.

I like the bit where the old man flew over the town.

Firework desaster made by Chloe Perrio

One bonfire night me and my family had a bonfire and of course I asked one of my friends  to come over and that friend is emmie-may, she said yes so I asked sian and kian they both said yes we had hot dogs, ice cream and some toffee apples they was all nice.

But when my dad set the fire work of one fell on mine and Kian’s head, so we had to go to hospital and when they pulled half Of the fire work out of my head I said “owwwwwwwww” and kian said ” i am brave and your not”

Be the best I can be by Chloe perrio

Be the best You can be is our school motto.

We can make the best impressions  through our work and our selves but most of all to the visitors. The visitors think we try hard and learn hard we think the visitors are nice and I mean really really nice. We make the visitors know that we do hard work in class by displaying it on the walls..

Even lots adults are wanting to be a teacher here because people think this school is the best because the best teachers.


Out Of The Tunnel – by Chloe Perrio

It was great, we’d made the tunnel. As I crawled through I saw a light, then when I got to the end there was no light it was blocked because Mia my friend was in the way.

I said, “Can I get past please?” but Mia said no. I said that was ok but I asked her what was in front of her. Mia said, “I’m not telling you!”

I said, “Please.”

She said, “Why should I tell you?”

I said, “Fine then.” So me, Natalie and Mia finally got out of the tunnel. At the end there was a play park..