Camping and Blogathon

Camping and Blogathon is only camping and blogging at the same time first of all we went outside and put our tents up, then we went and got our things out of the class room. We then got settled down in our tents. Mr Huthart then set us the commando course challenge which was hard. After that we went inside to do some blogging and watched a movie.


SAT’S week

SAT’S week is really fun because you get a lot of practice before SAT’S week has even started you get about five tests to take home in the summer holidays except for the level sixes they get about five to start off with and then they get another five again so they are getting double than what we had.

Firstly,I would like  to say that it is fun because if you really want a target you will have to work really hard to get it and then you have lots and lots of  treats afterwards like Cleethorpes,London,Cole mining mueseum,Eden camp,Blogathon and Camping/Blogathon. We also get to have after school clubs.


The sidings cafe

The sidings cafe is a cafe where you send out tickets and then when people buy them they have to come either in school time or come after school, either way you still get a fair portion. We have even had a French cafe where we started working in the morning until after school the reason why we did it is so that we could serve all of the classes first and then the adults but we had different things to eat, the children had a choice of croissants or French bread. The adults had a choice of a different baguettes,then for pudding,meringue even though the children didn’t have a pudding it was still fair because they got the same amount. They had a choice of pop as well, the children got orange or black current. The adults could have orange,blackurrant,tea or coffee, it is only £2.50 per ticket.

Jungle vines

At Kingswood you have to do jungle vines and one thing you really need to remember is that you have to steal back your nerves at jungle vines you have two choices  to go to the lowest one or the really high one and what you have to do on the low one is really easy because there is two ropes where you climb up a pole to get to it and once you are up you can not get back down until you get right to the end and touch the other pole and go back to the middle of it and then you can jump off to the floor.

Mr Hutharts commandos challenge

Today up on the field year six and some of the teachers are doing a camping blogathon which we have never done before, so here is what we have to do, we had to run around the field holding hands and if any of us let go of anybody’s hands we had to have an extra minute added on to our time and then when we had finished our lap around the field we had to go past the pond to go under the camouflage netting and then we had to run back around into the court and build a bridge. We had to build it while holding hands,out of wooden planks and to test that it was strong enough so one of our team members had to stand on top of it and Mr Huthart could not work out who won so we all had to go under the bridge head first one at a time and then he still could not find out who won so the we had to go under the bridge feet first and then line up against the fence with our hands on our heads.

The London trip

                                                                     The London trip                                              

When I woke up I was  feeling groggy and frustrated but I had  to go to London I had to wake up at half past five to get to school,to go on the London trip but I got here way too early because I got to school before anybody else and that’s including the brilliant  teachers.I also wanted to come to school on my scooter because that night my mum said no and then in the morning she said yes.Then my kindest and brilliant teatchers finally arrived, the order was Miss Jackson,Mrs Bartlett,Mrs North and then finally the one and only best head teacher Mr Huthart.

Then we finally got on the coach to set off to London and I would say that the funniest person on the coach was Leyland in class 1 because he was going on about his new lunch box to every body who was sat near him. He wanted to have a go on my Ipod and I let him. He passed nearly all of my missions on every game that I had and on  my IPod. I have got nearly  100 games for my entertainment but the thing that gets me I hardly ever go on it so I always thought that they were a waste of space but then on that day I realised they were not because they are good for little kids like my neice called Dakota down in Foundation.

Then when we had finally finished the long tiring drive to London I stepped off the coach I saw the fabulous London eye luring me in making me follow other people’s foot steps to the London eye because it was so beautiful and Then we went on a boat cruise and George started eating and Mrs Bartlett told him to stop and then Leyland started eating and the funny thing about it they were both eating cheese. Then we had our lunch. When we finished our lunch we went to the gift shop to get a souvenirs from London to take home and hopefully it will have a lot of memories.

Roller skating

After SAT’S class six had a treat.We got to go roller skating!

I am now going to tell you what the funniest thing was that happened that day.

Miss Jackson fell over about 3 or4 times and that was the funniest thing that happened that day.Also she was too scared to go on it at first until we pressured her to go on.

The sidings cafe

The sidings cafe is brilliant!!!!!!!!


We had all food we had tea,coffee,blackcurrant and orange.


We had waiters and waitresses who served the adults and we had some children that came out of the classes to be served as well.

There was lots of tickets sold and there were a lot of adults that came in school time and there were a lot of people who came after school as well.

We also did a cafe that was a french cafe,where we had croissant to eat and all the other choices of the French bread.

There were some of the children who wanted to have some more because they thought that the food was really nice and tasted very yummy.


I was a waitress and a girl called Bonni out of year 3 and she asked for some more


Grease performance

KS2 have been rehearsing for our school production called Grease if you are interested in our Grease play here are some facts about it.

Grease was made in 1978.

Grease wass directed by Randal kleiser.

The pink ladies are Frenchy,Marty,Jan,Rizzo and Sandy.

The T-Birds are Danny,Putzi,Doody,Sonny,Kenickie and Johnny.

We have renamed our production Norbridge rocks Grease.


Micheal Jackson

Michael Jackson was born August 29th he was the seventh child.

Mickeal Jackson’s first performed was when Micheal was 6. Micheal Jackson recorded his voice over on the Simpsons. The Jackson 5 signs is one of the biggest recording contracts with motown records.Then Micheal recorded his first solo album. Micheals albums were produced by Quincy Jones and they sold over 11 million copies then Micheal produced thriller mr Unveils his trade mark then Mr Jackson got his head burnt while doing an advert for Pepsi .