Camp out

Last night year six did a blogathon( blogging for 24 hours) as well as camping out on the field. I would like to do this again before we leave.

First we all did a few blogs, then we put our tents up, after a chitchat we chilled out for a bit.I didn’t get to the camp out until 6:50, but at least I didn’t miss any of the activities.Our first activity was bridge building, then we did a team work game(that involved holding hands. Let’s just say that was an experience.

I didn’t get to sleep until 12:30but I had agood few hours sleep, I was in a tent with Alice. We both enjoyed the activities. I thought it was a good experience and I would like to do it again.

The fun fair

For my birthday I had a party at the fair I invited Charlie, Sophie and Holly, we were so excited until we got to the The Death Trap(roller coaster.) Well I will tell you the full story.

First, my Mum dropped us off at the fair and Holly and Sophie was that excited that they fell out of the car,  whilst starring at the delicious sugar dummies and candy floss. Well you can guess what they all spent their money on, yes you guessed right sweets. Any way we all had a vote on who’d pay for the first ride; guess who they picked … Me. So then we decided on which ride to go on, and we decided to go on the Death Trap!

As we was walking up to the roller coaster we all noticed people walking off petrified or upset. But instead of using our common sense we just ignored it and paid for the ride. So when everyone got on the ride set off. BANG!!! The ride broke down when we was right at the top, but what happened next?

Trip to London

At 7:00am class 6 and pupil council set off to our trip to London. The drive was horrendously long and boring. But that long journey paid off when we got there, everyone was so excited!

The first thing we did was go on the extremely high London eye. When I got on I was really nervous and scared (petrified). As we was heading towards the top I was really upset, and as I looked over the top it  made me feel sick. But it seemed to be fine after while. When I got off I was really glad I went on because if I didn’t go on I would have missed a chance of a life time.

After we got off the London eye, we got in line for the River Thames cruise. On the way round the Thames a woman was explaining facts about famous land marks such as the Big Ben and Cleo Patra’s  needle. She was telling us some facts about both of them like: Did you know the Big Ben was actually the bell inside of the clock tower? Also did you know the Cleo Patra’s needle was made 1500 years before she was born? So the River Thames cruise was really factual and we learned a lot.

The third thing we did was eat our lunch on the floor beside the RiverThames, after our thrilling day. After  we ate our lunch eight people at a time went to the gift shop. I bought an I love London bag for £9.00. So when everyone went to the shop and bought a gift, we went back home to boring Worksop.

On the way back I had a what I call kipper(a nap) on Charlie’s lap and Mr Huthart was wafting my hair about while I was trying to get to sleep. Anyway the radio was on so  we was singing along, to entertain ourselves, especially Alice singing to Army of two. It felt like we was on the bus for years, but it only took 4 hours. Overall the trip to London was great!

Best day at school.

I think the best day at school was Blogathon when we stayed over at school for 24 hours blogging. I thought it was a great writing experience for your children. I thought it was the best day at school even though we hardly got any sleep, but personally I thought it was really good.

Kian and me going to see Little mix!!!

My Mum got me and Kian some Little mix concert tickets. It was a birthday present for 27th November at 7:00pm at the O2 arena. We have front row seats and two back stage passes. we wanted to meet Jesy, Perrie , Leigh-Anne and Jade. They won last years X factor 2011. Later on that evening  when Kian and I got dropped off at O2 Arena we, went to find the que and there was millions of people waiting to get in. Kian was that excited he nearly fainted. As we walked in we went back stage and we was both screaming our heads off. ( Literally.) We spoke to them and Kian told them it was my birthday.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when Litle Mix walked onto stage. They sang Wings, DNA and more songs that they have wrote. Later on that night they shouted me to go on stage and they sang Happy birthday and they asked me what my favourite dance was  and I said Gangnam style. I had the best time of my life. After that we went Back stage again and we had a little party for an hour. For Kians Birthday we are going to see JLS LIVE!!! The next day we told everyone at school and they were all jelous of us. I told them the highlight of the day was when Kian nearly fainted.

The review of a Christmas carolI

Tuesday night year 6 watched a Christmas carol, and we are writing a review on what we thought of it, what could make it better and what it is like compared to the one with real people in it. I think it is a good film and suitable for young children and adults. In some places of the story it’s funny but sometimes it makes you jump. The features were great and the words they used in the script were carefully thought out.

They could of made it better by using a bit more expression  and they could have spoken a bit more clearly .  But overall the film was great. Compared to the original story A Christmas  carol the cartoon one is more suitable for younger children. The origanal one is more for older children and adults because it is a bit  more dramatic the origanal story than the latest one. The latest one is  is cleverly done  the  animation is really good because it has loads of detail on their faces and clothes. The origanal one is cleverly done as well  the costumes look like really old fashioned clothing.

In  conclusion, I think the latest A Christmas carol film is really great there is only one or two things they could improve on. So I can sum it up in one word which is fantastic.


My great Grandad wasn’t old inough to go to war. But, I found it interesting listening to my grandad talk about the war and his job role after the  second world  war finished. My grandads role was to collect all the live ammunition left over from the war and take it to be disposed of at the checker house station. The ammunition was still live there were shells, bombs and grenades that needed to be placed onto the back of the lorry . So care lessness wasn’t advised. Sometimes the live ammunition  would blow the back of the lorries off, and maybe even result in a driver being seriously injured or even killed.


I was at the back when we went for a walk, but now I was in real trouble . The tree had fallen and I had tried to run. I couldn’t feel my leg, I was trapped ,I couldn’t move. This all happened because my mum dropped a bag on the floor so I had to run back and get it. I said “I will catch up with you don’t wait for me”. So they carried on walking home as I found the bag It started  to rain  and it started thundering. So I ran as fast as I could but it was raining that fast I couldn’t see. So I sat under a tree but it was a really stupid place to sit when it started lightning… I was paying no attention at all I should of moved when I heard a snap! But I hesitated instead of doing the right thing my leg was trapped!!! I couldn’t move it at all. I bellowed for help but there was no-one there at the time. I wish I told my family to wait for me because they would of tried to help in any way they could. After a while it went numb I felt like I had one leg. The branch of the tree weighed a ton or more. Later on I was starving and dying of thirst. Eventually it stopped raining after I could feel the pain no longer. All of a sudden I saw a glimps of a shadow it looked like an outline of a person with a dog I yelled help help. He sprinted over to me he asked me what happened so I told him the whole story. He rang the paramedics and the fire brigades. The fire men got some rope and through it over another tree branch and tied a knot round the branch on my leg and lifted it up. The paramedics came and took me to the hospital I was fine then my family came to make sure I was ok all I have to do is wear a pot on my leg to regain my strength.

Hurricane George strikes Worksop

One day  a hurricane struck Worksop. By George, it sucked up nearly all the  buildings and most of the people. Can Hurricane George be defeated? I wonder if someone could do something. It’s terrible the buildings have nearly gone I can’t believe he ‘s doing this I wish he would stop. Most of the people have passed away in the hurricane . We have involved the police. They threatened George. To stop or go to prison for risking lives of other people. He just laughed he didn’t listen. He carried on the police said your arrested for putting peoples lives at risk. Worksop is fine.