Camping and Blogathon 3

Last night we all put up our tents and camped on the school field in tents. At 2:30am we did a Skype call to a school in AustraliIa, I was extremely tired! I stayed in a 4 man tent with Jasmin, Alix and Brooke, it was amazing.

The camping was also Blogathon 3 which is where we blog for 24 hours people on different shifts.Whilst we were up on the field, Mr Huthart set us a challenge. We got put into teams and we had to run a lap around the field without letting go off each others hands. Also we had to work our way under a camoflague net before coming back into the court. In the court we had to make a bridge that could hold someone on using just wooden planks! I loved it.

After hours of fun, I finally got to sleep. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.


The Party In The Yard

On Saturday 15th June we had a party in the yard on the school field. There was a lot to do such as: Penalty shootout, The stocks, Hook a Duck, Face  Painting and a lot more. Also at the party in the yard there were a lot of stalls to buy snacks and things from home that we brought it before the Party In the yard. It was amazing!

The Challenge

Today we worked in teams to run laps around the field and build a bridge using just wooden planks. But it wasn’t that simple, we had to do this without letting go of each others hands.

To start with, we got put into teams. In our team was; Kian, Amy, Liam, Alice, George, Jasmin and us. On the first round all of the groups had to run around the field and then go under a net to then come back and build a bridge that would hold one of the members of our group without falling down.

By Owen and Olivia.

Our trip to meet JLS (not real unfortunately!)

Excitement buzzed in the air, I couldn’t believe we were here. Me and my friends alix and Charlie, stood and waited with my mum, it was finally time for our surprise! A very kind tall lady showed us through to a hall. My mum looked at me and smiled, I smiled back and turned around. I had butterflies in my stomach because I was so excited. A few minutes later a door opened  and  four boys walked through the door. This was the day I had been waiting for all my life…

The time had finally come, it was my four favourite celebrity’s ever! It was JLS! I ran up to them whilst I was screaming so loud, with a smile from one side of the hall to another. I gave them all a big hug! I was jumping around the room and me, Charlie and Alix was so so happy, this was one of the most amazing days ever!

Me, my mum, my friends and the boys, all got into a pink limo and I said ” Im sitting next to Aston!” so when we were all sat down the driver drove us off. Alix and Charlie found some children’s fruity Champagne so we had some of that! I was sat next to Aston and Oriste and on the other side of Aston was Alix then my mum and Charlie sat next to JB and marvin on the other side of the limo. We arrived at a 5 star private hotel, where we were going to be staying for 2 weeks!

My mum had secretly packed my bags and dropped them off at the hotel earlier that morning! I was so happy. When we unpacked and settled in, it was quite late and we were all hungry so Marvin went and ordered some food at the counter and we followed him and sat down at a table. We had some amazing food and whilst weaware eating JLS started to sing some of their songs! We went back up to our room and my mum was taking videos and pictures of us all singing nearly every JLS song from all 4 albums!

I had a amazing two weeks and I hope to see them again some day, it was the best two weeks ever!

A christmas carol review

On Tuesday class 6 watched a Christmas film called a Christmas carol. I thought it was a great film and we got wrapped in our sleeping bags and duvets to keep warm and comfy. My favourite part was when the ghost with the chains on came (the ghost of Christmas past). I liked that we had the chance to watch a film which was great. My least favourite part was when Jacob Marley died near the start. When the ghost of Christmas past came it scared Ebenezer, I rate this film 4 stars because it was a great film but not as good as some other Christmas films . The film was really good and it was very enjoyable. In some parts it was funny but others were sad. I would watch it again one day because I really enjoyed it.

The Owl Show

Our school just had some visitors. A man brought us in some of his owls to show us. The first owl was Rocky and he was my favourite. Rocky is 7 years old, he was talented and he flew over us all, he loved landing on the speakers in our hall and he can do awesome tricks. The second owl was Gizmo and he is 5 years old. He is grey with a white face he was quite young so he couldn’t do as many tricks as the others but he was still very cool. The 3rd owl was Milligan he was only 30 weeks old but very big. The final owl that he introdused to us was Ronnie, he was extremely big but he could do awesome tricks and he was having a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the owl show and we hope to see them again soon.


I was always at the back when we went for a walk, but now I was in real trouble. The tree had fallen and I had tried to run. I couldn’t feel my leg, I was trapped, I couldn’t move. All of my family were way ahead of me and I didn’t know what to do. I tried shouting my mum but she was to far in front to hear me. Nobody was around and I just sat there and waited. What could I do? My bag flew out of my hand and landed on the other side of the path when the tree fell, my phone was in it and it was to far to reach. I was shouting help for a while, hoping that somebody would hear me but no, it was no use.

I sat there and thought for a while, I tried to lift the tree off me but I wasn’t strong enough. Then a few minutes later, I heard a noise and I shouted for help. Luckily it was a very nice girl and she helped me get out. I told her that I heard my phone ring earlier and that it was my family, she walked me back to my family and I explained everything, my mum said she was very worried but it wasn’t my fault so I didn’t get in trouble. My family said we could go to lunch and  carry on with our walk. Apart from that tree our trip was awesome!

Nadine dorries jungles

Nadine dorries is a member of the british parliament and is also in the tv show ‘im a celebrity get me out of here’. I don’t think that it is fair that she is still getting paid a lot of money whilst sitting around in the jungle doing nothing all day.  She gets paid around £70,000 a year! It’s not fair that she is not even doing her real job but she is still getting a lot of money each day.

My horse riding story so far

I started horse riding when i just turned 9. I went horse riding at walling wells stables. My favourite pony there was miss t and I loved riding her. I enjoyed it when I went on my first hack on miss t at walling wells and I loved horse riding so much.

Then, after a few months of riding, the most amazing thing happened. I came home one day from my friends house and my mum had come home from work. I walked into the living room and my mum said that my aunties friend has a pony and a horse, the pony (dash) needed caring for because Louise is too tall to ride him. My mum and Louise both said I can have him on loan for £25.00 a week! I was so excited!

After a long 2 weeks, I finally got to and see him, it was amazing! I took him some polos and some carrots to have and he loved them. I now ride him every weekend and sometimes visit him after school if I have time.