Class 6 went to cleethorpes and on the trip we went on the beach but the trip took 1 and a half an hour to get there.  Chloe found a crab what was alive in the sea. We even buried our friends with sand ,loads of people waved at us and then we waved back at them. It was a fantastic trip and we took five pound to get any thing we want.

The teachers bought some cones of chips for us.
In the end we had fun.

I went to see my favourite band

Excitement buzzed in the air. I couldn’t beleive we were here. Me and my friend stood and waited, it was finaly time to get our front row tickets to see my favourite band. After we got out tickets we went to get some sweets, I bought a packet of wine gums and my friend got some gummie bears, when we sat down there were about 1000 people around us! Then a man anounced that the band (fun) were coming on in a second. THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE BAND!! when they came on they sang all of their  newest songs it was AWSOME!

movie review:a christmas carol

At blogathon HQ we watched a Christmas carol it was really fun to watch and there is a man in it called scrooge and he doesn’t believe in Christmas which is bad because if you don’t believe you don’t receive. Scrooge hates Santa and when Santa hears it he is mad and tricks him and scrooge sees his own gravestone witch is creepy. The film is animated witch means its cartoon like.. The film is really good because it is funny, he shrinks in size and his voice is really squeaky which is funny and there is a ghost in it and that was a bit scary and there were other parts witch made us jump. At the end he belived in christmas witch is very good and christmas is a very special holiday and its a time of joy.

the blogathon expereance

yesterday I went to the blogathon and it was great, we also blogged on the ipads it was fun we watched the christmas carol movie for a break at night. Mr Hutharts son billy came to the blogathon aswell. I had some jaffa cakes and gave Mr Huthart some and sat on an air bed but mine went down so I had to sleep on the floor with everyonelse but I did sleep well. On the other hand Jake kept scareing me with the mask and kept scareing me about weeping angles aswell. I enjoyed my self and thats good aswell so I cant wait for the next one but we are not aloud to tell you what the next blogathon theam is. watch this space.

the christmas carol review

I’ve seen about 6 film versions of A Christmas Carol, including one from the 1930’s, one from the 1950’s, one musical, one CGI film, and one version with Muppets, but I’ve never actually watched A Christmas Carol until now. I’m so glad I did! It’s familiar and moving, true, but it’s also hilarious, which is something that rarely comes across in the movies. In the famous opening line, “Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that his statement with plenty of proofs about just how dead Marley is, and he continues to makes asides and comments to the person throughout the movie. The narrator is his own character, really, with opinions, tastes, and preferences, and he is very aware that he’s narrating and keeps referring to himself in the first person. After some thought, I’ve decided that A Muppet Christmas Carol with its inclusion of Gonzo as a narrator comes the closest to hitting on the high pitch of descriptive comedy actually contained in the movie.

Beyond the funniness, the sorrow in the movie is also very palpable, and I’m particularly struck by Jacob Marley’s suffering as it’s in the book.
Even with all of Marley’s evident pain, Scrooge humbugs everything and it’s extraordinary how much it takes to make him believe in anything but his own small power. Scrooge does eventually get accustomed to the weirdness, though, and  as he waits for ghost number 2, he’s expecting the sudden appearance of anything from a baby to a rhinoceros. I was eager to see the movie of the Spirit of Christmas Past because this is the character that has been presented with the most variety in the book versions. I’ve seen the ghost presented as an old man, an old woman, a little girl, and a living flame. In the book, it’s a child who also looks like an old man and a living flame—which clears up my mental image perfectly.

I also love some of the details we get about Scrooge’s past in the movie. For example, Scrooge used to adore and I’ve seen in books, and he’s prone to exclamations  but he’s not a silly figure for all this exclaiming, his heart is so generous that he brings joy to everyone around him, including people who are unpopular and mistreated.

I find it interesting is that this book with its odd phantoms and strange philosophy still manages to keep the “Christ” in Christmas. Most film versions take out any reference to Jesus’s birth or even to God beyond Tiny Tim’s “God bless us, every one!” But here, the child born in Bethlehem is mentioned fairly regularly as being a key part behind why we should love our neighbors.

A Christmas Carol is a pleasure to watch. It perfect contrasts between the  plenty of Christmas feasts among those with  the cold, pinched deprivation of people who are outside. The point of the story is that Scrooge must become the kind of person who brings all that warm, hearty merriness from the inner circle and carries it to those who are in need. He so beautifully and admirably. May that truly be said of us, and all of us.

Christmas Carol

Yesterday night we were watching Christmas Carol. After that we went back into the class to do some more blogging. We wrote a blog about being trapped and mine got put up, I was really proud of myself. 24 blogs have now been put up of mine.The film was great there was a man with a long nose and he kept on seeing these ghosts.The ghosts tried to drag the man away but they couldn’t because he stopped when he got to the window sill. And then all the other ghosts were outside his window. The picture was great I could see it really well because I was sat near the front. After we had done watching the film we did a blog called trapped as you know, then we went to bed. None of us went to sleep easily because we never shut up. There was a little man in the film he was funny. It wasn’t a long long film but it was long enough. The man knocked on a door with a door knocker and it shot out at him. I think that was what cursed him. So he had ghosts chasing after him all night. Then the ghost that was haunting him had a bit of a fit. He went a bit cranky and his face went lopsided so that was our film.


I was always at the back when we went for a walk, but now I was in real trouble. The tree had fallen and I had tried to run. I couldn’t feel my leg, I was trapped, I couldn’t move. Everyone had left me, just laying there. I was trying not to think about my leg. It was so painful. It wasn’t fair. Even if it wasn’t me I wouldn’t have ran off. I would have stayed with whoever it was and then would have called for help. After a while I felt cold. I wish I was at home with my mum because I could be sat in my bed reading to myself like I always do at this time.  Usually, now I am having my tea. I can’t believe that they just left me. My mum will probably be calling school and complaining. I am so worried. I can’t believe it. What will happen? I am scared because my leg is all swelled up and starting to go purple. It looked as if it was about to pop. What will happen next..?

Trapped ever after by kian

  I was always at the back when we went for a walk, but now I was in real trouble. The tree had fallen and I had tried to run, I couldn’t feel my leg. I was trapped. I couldn’t move. But I had my phone in my hand so I called the ambulance but they would not answer the telephone. Some one walked past me but did not seem to care about me being trapped. When the next person walked past he helped me, when he lifted the tree up my leg was pouring with blood so the man helped me to get in his car and he took me to the hospital. I was shaking when they were stitching my leg together after that they put me in a weelchair they said I might be in that for life…


I was always at the back when we went for a walk, but now I was in real trouble the tree had fallen onto my leg and I couldn’t move at all. I didn’t know how to set myself free. And I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t Cut my leg off but I did have a peice of string to tie to my leg in order to stop it bleeding. I didn’t have a phone if I did I would have called 999 but I didn’t so that crosses out that plan. Then a man in a black suit approached me and said in a thick accent “where you from then laddie”. I was surprised he actually said it. He helped me cut the branch and it was finally off. I could finally move in a fashion, my leg still hurt. The man in the suit helped me up, I could see a street and Lots of people it was painful but worth it trust me it was worth it. It was a long way to the nearest hospital and a&e. I asked if the suit guy had a phone, luckily he said yes so I asked him To ring 999 and he said yes. I could hear the ambulance sirens, what a relief! He came in two minutes and they put me on a stretcher and put me in the ambulance. 2 minutes later we were in the hospital room where they did several x-rays on my ankle and leg… It was broken. So I had a pot on and 3 weeks later it was.


I was always at the back when we went for a walk but now I was in real trouble.The tree had fallen and i had tried to run.I couldnt t feel my leg. I was trapped I couldnt move. My friends had walked off in front of me and there was no one left to help me. Then a lady came over to me and said “get up my ducky” I said “help me please”. She tried to lift the tree up, she got it up a bit an slipt my body out from beneath the tree. Yess I was out brilliant I thanked the lady then carried on walking to the others they were right at the bottom of the hill so I couldn’t catch up with them. I ran back to the womean and said have you got any idea how I can get to my friends at the bottom of the hill. “Yeah love” she said follow that path to the end of the hill its not far. “Thanks” i said and I carried on down this path. A man said to me on my way down “did a lady send you up here” “yes” I said “why did you ask me that?” “Because she shouldnt have done that because its dangerous up here it leads you to the bottom of the hill” “ok” I said and carried on. A train zoomed past me it scared me to death but I walked a little more into the side so I wouldnt get hit. A tree was wobbiling i thought oh no! not again. Its gonna fall on me I ran out of the way and it fell the other way. So I went to pick it up to move it because I wanted to get past and as soon as I picked it up it slung me under and there I was TRAPPED again in the middle of no where no one to help me.