Party in the yard

On one Saturday there was a party on our school field and I’ll now tell you what stalls there were.

There was

Nail painting

face painting

Gardening stall

Candy floss

And lots more but the thing that I liked best was when a special band came to sing and they were amazing and if you was there hope you enjoyed party in the yard.

Camping and Blogathon

Camping and Blogathon is only camping and blogging at the same time first of all we went outside and put our tents up, then we went and got our things out of the class room. We then got settled down in our tents. Mr Huthart then set us the commando course challenge which was hard. After that we went inside to do some blogging and watched a movie.


Camping and Blogathon 3

Last night we all put up our tents and camped on the school field in tents. At 2:30am we did a Skype call to a school in AustraliIa, I was extremely tired! I stayed in a 4 man tent with Jasmin, Alix and Brooke, it was amazing.

The camping was also Blogathon 3 which is where we blog for 24 hours people on different shifts.Whilst we were up on the field, Mr Huthart set us a challenge. We got put into teams and we had to run a lap around the field without letting go off each others hands. Also we had to work our way under a camoflague net before coming back into the court. In the court we had to make a bridge that could hold someone on using just wooden planks! I loved it.

After hours of fun, I finally got to sleep. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.


Our camping experience

We have been camping on our school field in tents and we have been blogging all night in shifts. In my tent there was me and Emily, it was funny, we were all watching a movie and then we went up to bed and did shifts.

Also we have been doing skypes to different classes in different places, we did one to Ireland, Africa and we did one at 2 in the morning to Australia. Half of us got up for it but then the others didn’t, we stayed in the tent and then we got up in the morning and started blogging.

News report; Aliens have landed!

NASA have just found out that aliens from Mars have come to earth. The aliens are green and they have got three eyes and antennae. They are now in Russia and they making their way around the world. They will soon be coming to the united kingdom so beware!

If you are worried apparently you need to go to the doctors and have a checkup because you might have a problem. Anyone who sees the aliens tell the BBC then they will buy them tickets to go to Mars. More news will spread tomorrow.

This is a report from Charlie Holmes.

Camp out

Last night year six did a blogathon( blogging for 24 hours) as well as camping out on the field. I would like to do this again before we leave.

First we all did a few blogs, then we put our tents up, after a chitchat we chilled out for a bit.I didn’t get to the camp out until 6:50, but at least I didn’t miss any of the activities.Our first activity was bridge building, then we did a team work game(that involved holding hands. Let’s just say that was an experience.

I didn’t get to sleep until 12:30but I had agood few hours sleep, I was in a tent with Alice. We both enjoyed the activities. I thought it was a good experience and I would like to do it again.

Aliens have landed

I walked out of my back door there was a massive rocket landed, out came tumbling 5 small aliens. I thought I was in a dream. I ran into the house screaming and shouting ” ALIENS HAVE LANDED” my mum shouted what’s the matter I was still screaming and shouting she Looked out of her window there she saw 5 mini aliens running around the garden tipping all the plant pots over and the benches upside down. My mum ran downstairs and opened the door and shouted “WHAT ARE YOU DOING “they ran back into their rocket and waited for 5 minutes. They peeked out of the  window and me and my mum  hid behind the rocket until the aliens had gone they finally Took Off and we ran inside because it was blowing us all over. When they had gone we went outside to  tidy the garden and there was a massive circle from we’re they had landed in there space ship. Finally we tidied the garden and it was all back to normal.

SAT’S week

SAT’S week is really fun because you get a lot of practice before SAT’S week has even started you get about five tests to take home in the summer holidays except for the level sixes they get about five to start off with and then they get another five again so they are getting double than what we had.

Firstly,I would like  to say that it is fun because if you really want a target you will have to work really hard to get it and then you have lots and lots of  treats afterwards like Cleethorpes,London,Cole mining mueseum,Eden camp,Blogathon and Camping/Blogathon. We also get to have after school clubs.


My experience at the Camp out.

I loved the Camp Night. My opinion would be to do more camping out.

I went to sleep at 11pm many people just chatted all through the night. Me and Charlie H and Cofei had an awesome laugh. I couldn’t  get to sleep at some points at the night.  In the night outside there were all sorts of noises like the trains and cars and I don’t know were from but I heard a aeroplane noise it reminded me of when I go to India. It was an amazing experience. I’ll miss this night.

The sidings cafe

The sidings cafe is a cafe where you send out tickets and then when people buy them they have to come either in school time or come after school, either way you still get a fair portion. We have even had a French cafe where we started working in the morning until after school the reason why we did it is so that we could serve all of the classes first and then the adults but we had different things to eat, the children had a choice of croissants or French bread. The adults had a choice of a different baguettes,then for pudding,meringue even though the children didn’t have a pudding it was still fair because they got the same amount. They had a choice of pop as well, the children got orange or black current. The adults could have orange,blackurrant,tea or coffee, it is only £2.50 per ticket.