All of a sudden all the fairground rides started to move when loads of servants with red eyes were riding on  the the rides having fun but the rides stopped and they all went to sleep. but the scary fun house was open i walked through the scary fun house and all of a sudden i dropped and then this alien woman turned me into one of her servant minons… two days later the woman got killed and all of us dropped to the floor and the funfair was run for proper and remember if you go to a funfair watch out for RED EYES!


On Sunday the 3rd of February class 6 are going to a place called  Kingswood (well 30 people are going not all the class).

The 3G swing is the best activity because you can go really high even higher than a house and then, you can just drop down and tip upside down and swing.


Party in the yard

On Saturday 15th June it was party in the yard. There was lots of activities to choose from such as bouncy castle face paints hook a duck stocks nails hot dog stall pizza stall  badge making and much more. We do a party in the yard every year, you can even design your own badge.

You can pick what ever  patten you want for face paint and you can pick were you want it such as on your legs arm or even your face if you want ,also you can pick what coulor you want it to be. Hook a duck you win a prize when you huch a duck you can pick what coulour you want your nails and also what patten you want. Badge making is awesome pick your design and design it your self.

national coal mining museum

Class 6 went on trip to the coal mining museum and went far far far underground, so far down it was unbelievably dark. We also went in the pithead baths where the miners went in to wash after their shift. We all learnt the rules in the pithead baths. The pithead baths were funded by the miners institute. We also all got a peice of coal each. The miners used chewing tobacco to stop them being hungry whilst they where in the mines.

My story about the funfair (not real)

On bonfire night I went to the funfair with all my mates and we all was walking  around spending money. We went on all of the rides but only older ones. We all  was having toffee and chocolate apples. And we was having sugar dummies and we was buying goodies.

Then we went to the stage and adele was singing ‘someone like you’ and we was all cheering then eminem came on stage and there was a Christmas special and we was all very excited, JLS come on! I was screaming my head off more than anybody and I didn’t care if I had a sore throat I just kept on screaming! 

And there was a raffle and it was for going on the waltzer with JLS. I bought 52 and I won and I had to pick five people so I picked all my friends I was with.

So we was on the waltzer and I was sat next to JB and Emily. Then we got stuck, I thought what can happen…

The fun fair

For my birthday I had a party at the fair I invited Charlie, Sophie and Holly, we were so excited until we got to the The Death Trap(roller coaster.) Well I will tell you the full story.

First, my Mum dropped us off at the fair and Holly and Sophie was that excited that they fell out of the car,  whilst starring at the delicious sugar dummies and candy floss. Well you can guess what they all spent their money on, yes you guessed right sweets. Any way we all had a vote on who’d pay for the first ride; guess who they picked … Me. So then we decided on which ride to go on, and we decided to go on the Death Trap!

As we was walking up to the roller coaster we all noticed people walking off petrified or upset. But instead of using our common sense we just ignored it and paid for the ride. So when everyone got on the ride set off. BANG!!! The ride broke down when we was right at the top, but what happened next?

The Fairground

One day me, Natalie and Amy decided to go to the fairground. We went on all of the rides but as the day came to an end and the fair was about to close. We went on the biggest and scariest ride of all… The Twister!

As we climbed into the carriage we were that nervous that it wasn’t just the feeling of having butterflies in our stomach but the feeling of those butterflies at their own little fairground.

As the bar flew over our heads and clicked into place thoughts were rushing through my head……..are we really going to climb up a giant steel mountain, vertically drop to the floor at the other side and then have that lead into a Giant loop the loop whilst we are all sat in this little cart?’

Woosh! Went the roller coaster it charged up the mountain.

CREEK is the only word that could have described what happened next. The roller coaster had stopped.


Aliens ahhhhh!

My mum wanted me to go to the shop again huffff! So off I go strolling down the street

BANG! Greetings my women how are you today the alien said leaning over lily ,lily did not respond and just said omg is this real or what and then stood up and fell back on the floor and head butted the alien they lifted the girl up and took her into the spaceship.They layer her down on a bed and strapped her down and said we are going to take you for a long trip lily said no and tried to get up they pushed her back down to the bed it was traumatising for lily and she was scared out of her brains.

The aliens kept her still for the journey the spaceship went round and round till it jolted and stopped and lily got out of the spaceship and she was on a dessert then she begged them to take her back to her parents they wouldn’t they gave her a tent she set it up and layed in her bed…