Out Of The Tunnel

As I got out of the rat infested tunnel framed for a crime I didn’t commit I was looking for a safe place to live until I found George my so called friend, turns out it was a lie. I returned home five years ago as a soldier getting ready to protect the president, we were in a meeting, then suddenly assassins appeared out of the chimney, through the windows I managed to take a few out but they threw a desk at me and it landed on my leg. All I could do was watch as the president was brutally murdered.

Out Of The Tunnel – by Chloe Perrio

It was great, we’d made the tunnel. As I crawled through I saw a light, then when I got to the end there was no light it was blocked because Mia my friend was in the way.

I said, “Can I get past please?” but Mia said no. I said that was ok but I asked her what was in front of her. Mia said, “I’m not telling you!”

I said, “Please.”

She said, “Why should I tell you?”

I said, “Fine then.” So me, Natalie and Mia finally got out of the tunnel. At the end there was a play park..




Out Of The Tunnel by Alice Scott

I was exited but also nervous, it was great we’d made a tunnel. As I crawled through I saw a light, then a great angry mob came rushing towards us! Oh my! I screamed, it was terrible, then they turned into vampires with scary teeth. We started running but they were getting closer. I tried to keep everyone calm but it didn’t work. Then a terrible noise hit our ears, the tunnel never ended! So one of us dropped behind and stopped them!                                           Then we got to safety, and we never ever went into that tunnel again, now we’re friends.

Out Of The Tunnel.

As I crawled through the tunnel it was so dark and scary.Then I saw a bright light, I knew I was getting closer. When I got to the end I was so happy then I looked back and my friend Jack was missing! Then suddenly I saw someone coming…it was Jack, I was so happy.Then me and my friend went home for a drink and told my mum all about it. She was very surprised, then my friend had to go home. I said, “want to go to our secret tunnel tomorrow?”

Jack said, “yeah, why not?”

I said, “see you tomorrow.”

“See you, bye.”


Out Of The Tunnel by Charlie H

It was the terrifying day when I had to go to the underground station and I did not know which way to go. I saw these people who were also looking for the same path as me, so I asked them to see which tunnel was the right way. I was literally petrified. We found the tunnel and then we went through it, it was great that we’d made it through. As I came to the end I saw a light, then my house!  Thank goodness!

Out Of The Tunnel

It was great that we’d made the tunnel. As I crawled through I saw a light, then all of a sudden a big, black hand came in front of my face, I thought the light went off but then I felt something hairy on my face, I screamed..

This hairy monster grabbed me and started running, I was screaming! “Please put me down you big, hairy monster”! The monster stopped and put me down, so I started running. The monster said, “wait, my name is King Kong I was trying to be nice.” I started walking towards him very slowly!