JoshS: What’s the 100 word challenge?

Im pretty sure that some people are wondering what the 100 word challenge is so I’m making this blog to show anybody that doesn’t know what the 100 word challenge is about. Well basically the 100 word challenge is a competition where every week the developers release a blog telling you what the phrase is that you have to include somewhere in the blog. When you begin it can be about anything that you can think of and the only 2 rules for it is you have to use the phrase/sentence in the blog and you have to use around 100 words (a few numbers short or more is aceptable.) This challenge may sound boring but it really does prove to be a challenge to squeeze so much into one post. For us though the teachers just chose out a few of there favourite sentences for us to write with which still is quite a challenge.

Thank you for reading this blog please leave a comment below and enjoy the rest of the bloggathon.

If I was in charge for a day

If I was in charge for a day I would tell my mum to let me have all of my friends sleep over that night. Also I would get some rich people to give money to the poor. I would tell my mum to take some of my friends with us so they can come and ride my pony Dash with me. I would make sure everybody at school are friends and there was no falling out.  Also I would tell the doctors to do everything that is possible to make my grandad better. I would ride Dash to school.

Firework Disaster – 100 Word Challenge

It was bonfire night and my family were going to be letting some fireworks off in our back garden. My mum was getting out some fireworks whilst my dad was cooking some yummy food. My mum set one off and it didn’t work so we came away from the firework and my dad didn’t know. He walked up to the firework while we were having food. He looked at it and I ran out and manged to stop him. The firework set off and set our neighbour’s shed on fire! They were quite angry with us so we packed our fireworks away.

Out Of The Tunnel


It was  great that we’d made the tunnel. As I  crawled through I saw a light, then …   It was a house, it look bombed! I could see a person in the dark, I ran way! He looked like a zombie! I got home, I talked to my family, they did not believe me. I went back into the tunnel.  Then when I came back out no one was there – strange .

I looked around my house, no one. I went up the stairs, still no one was around there. It was getting stranger! I walked around the house but no one was in. Someone was always at home. Where is my family now?

Out Of The Tunnel

It was great that we’d made the tunnel. As I crawled through I saw a light, then I looked in front of me and I saw lots of shadows moving with arms waving in the air, then I heard lots of weird language and … They was a bunch of thin, long people with big round heads like footballs, they were all  pale with big, black, bulging eyes.

I thought they were going to get me so I screamed and ran back into the tunnel. I screamed even louder, then they said, “stop screaming!” I was scared and I said,”okay.” Then I got out and I sat down and I had a drink.

Out the tunnel

It was great that we’d made the tunnel. As I crawled through I saw a light, then I woke in a hospital with my mum and dad at the side of the bed. I tried to sit up, “OWW!” The pain in my belly. “Oh no, you must rest,” said the nurse. “Really the pain hurts so bad now I’ve sat up.” I asked my mum,  “what happend to me?”

“You got hit by a train because you built that tunnel over a train line.” 

Six weeks later..

“Ughh, I’m never building over a train line again after what happened six weeks ago.That’s what happened in my holidays.”

Out Of The Tunnel

It was great that we’d made the tunnel. As I crawled through I saw a light, then instantly I knew something was fishy as I inched forward step by step something rustled in the light, something moved and the light vanished followed by a sudden clash of metal. Then I knew what was happening.  Someone didn’t want me going out, they were tricking me into panicking but I wasn’t falling for that again. I ran to the metal hatch and pushed on it. It was slowly moving forward, it was hard and it was very tiring. But finally I opened it.