Aliens have landed

I walked out of my back door there was a massive rocket landed, out came tumbling 5 small aliens. I thought I was in a dream. I ran into the house screaming and shouting ” ALIENS HAVE LANDED” my mum shouted what’s the matter I was still screaming and shouting she Looked out of her window there she saw 5 mini aliens running around the garden tipping all the plant pots over and the benches upside down. My mum ran downstairs and opened the door and shouted “WHAT ARE YOU DOING “they ran back into their rocket and waited for 5 minutes. They peeked out of the  window and me and my mum  hid behind the rocket until the aliens had gone they finally Took Off and we ran inside because it was blowing us all over. When they had gone we went outside to  tidy the garden and there was a massive circle from we’re they had landed in there space ship. Finally we tidied the garden and it was all back to normal.