should a member of parliment be in the programme im a celebrity get me out of here?

Nadine in the programme ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ she  is an MP and she is getting paid while she is not available. I think it is totally fair because she is giving the tax money to charity.Nadine Dorries To Give MP Salary To Charity

That is her in the picture. She is at the moment as we speak in the jungle waiting till 9 o clock. When she will be on the celebrity get me out of here program. At nine she is going head to head with Helen doing rotten rines the bush tucker trail.

Why should nadine dorries be paid while she’s in a game show

Nadine Dorries is unfairly getting paid for going on I’m a celebrity get me out of here. Shes getting paid for being there for helping but all she’s doing is sitting in the jungle all day so how is she available to help? So she’s taking our money and taking part in a gameshow. I don’t find it fair that we’re paying her salary a she’s not even in this country where she is supposed to be! She should get suspended.

Gambling problem

Gambling problems is really serious you can loose money and not have non for a long time. I saw on t.v that gambling is like a drug, it takes money from you and you can’t get it back.I think that they should be illegal because they are making trouble and a rip off for other people? Do you think so? My dad told me that when he is in the bookies (book makers) he sees loads of people kicking the game gambling board that they are playing on and loose money with. Please comment back.    Amy h

the class6 blogathon

class6 blogathon on PhotoPeach

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My best holiday

My best holiday was when I was to a village in India called Sausar. In Sausar I went to an Indian temple. The best part was when I saw a big river. The river had lots and lots of wild flower’s. The best part of Sausar is when it rain’s because if you come from  a long walk you get to have the free shower. The picture isn’t any old picture it’s a big story of God in India. Many years ago some people in a land put lots of the gold and and sliver. After some time while it was there some thief’s came and tried to get the gold and silver but no no no god laid there so the theif’s wouldn’t get through.


Hurricane George strikes again

George and his Girl friend were walking about town and George proposed to Georgina but Georgina said no because she was cheating on him with someone called Marcus. Marcus used to go out on a saturday to shop but now he goes out with Georgina.

George was really frustrated so he went to take over Worksop and he did he locked everybody in a cell and tipped everyone’s car upside down then George went back home.


All about kick boxing

1.Don’t expect to get through the belts really fast

2.It is better to take your time

3.Remember do not forget your katas

4.Remember to bow

5.Don’t forget to practice your oath

6.Remember to listen to the instructors

7.If you come you need to go the extra mile

8.If you do come you will find that it will be a lot of fun

9.The street name is called Queen Street and it is called the DOJO

10.If you do come then you will have to train really hard to get to your black belt.

I’m a celebrity get me out of here!!

I don’t think that nadine dorries should be on I’m a celebrity because, she is a member of parliment. She gets payed lots of money even though she is not at work. She still gets paid lots of money when she is on I’m a celebrity get me out of here, i don’t think it is fair. Because a lot of people don’t get anything at all so even when she is off work she shouldn’t get paid and it is not fair on others!!!! What happens if somebody needs her to do her job and she can’t because she is in the jungle!!  But yet still having to get paid!!!!! … While she is in the jungle she won’t be able to do her job even if someone needs her.