JoshS: The National Coal Mining Museum

Last Thursday class 6 went on a trip to the National Coal Mining Museum, where around 90 – 100 years ago miners travelled down 140 metres into a cold, dark and dingy mineshaft where they mined for coal which back then powered machines, boats, fireplace`s and much more. Mineshaft`s can be extremely dangerous places to be inside as at any moment something could go terribly wrong.

But our journey into the mines was in two small groups, inside the mines the guides (who were ex-miner`s) showed us many fascinating things. For example they showed us 3 different types of drills and how loud they were, how light reflects off mirrors and how they used it in the mineshafts plus much more amazing facts on the side.

While we were there we also went on a nature trail, an ex-miner told us about his story and the mining showers and lockers area. At the end of the day i`m almost sure everybody was sad to leave the musuem but we did get a few memorative gift`s from the shop there. For more information on the National Coal Mining Musuem look at the website below by clicking the link thanks!

Link to the website:

Cleethorpes By kian butler

Thursday 13th June year six went to cleethorpes we had a great time!

When we got there I went on a donkey mine was called Ben-10. After I had been on them I had a paddle in the sea also Chloe kept jumping in the sea and got all her clothes wet. At about 12:00pm we had our lunch then all of us played in the sea again also Mr Huthart gave me a doughnut. After that we went for a cone of delicious chips for a snack. then we wen to have a walk around some sweet shops I got some rock and I got a slush to have on the bus going back. When we got back I gave my grandma a pice of my rock.

JoshS: And so it begins!

The day has finally struck, the third blogathon has finally begun and class 6 are blogging away like there`s no tomorrow. We are currently practicing our production Grease but that won`t stop us! Apart from the actors on-stage we all have a way of blogging, (Ipad`s, Laptops) we`re all ready to blog like never before and write to the best of our ability. This time instead of sleeping in the hall we`re camping out on the field in a variety of tent`s of different shape`s and sizes. So now that this first little task of mine is done let`s get blogging!

JoshS: A Christmas Carol: Movie Review

A christmas carol is a movie about an eldery man named Scrooge. He hated the christmas spirit and tried to make Christmas seem like it never existed to him. This reason is because Scrooge`s wife Kiesha died 9 years on christmas eve before the movie is set because of this Scrooge feels like there is nothing that he should live for. So he is always this grumpry miserable man who nobody seems to bother because of his lack of kindness and christmas spirit. That night though his old buisness partner Jacob Marley comes back from the dead as a ghost to tell Scrooge that if he doesnt stop his ways then the worst will happen. So after the ghost tells Scrooge this he says that at midnight the next ghost will appear in this room…

When the clock struck midnight like Jacob said a second ghost appears this ghost has a normal torso which is bright yellow/orange has a candle lamp on top of his head for light and has no arms or legs either. This ghost calls itself the ghost of christmas past that shows Scrooge some of the events that have happened previously in Scrooge`s life. They travel to when Scrooge was in his childhood and the ghost shows Scrooge that he never was happy for anyone or even himself and that even then Scrooge didnt care for christmas.

 The second ghost was a giant santa/greek person that made Scrooge hold on to a piece of paper that let him hover over London this ghost was named the ghost of christmas present. This ghost showed Scrooge that if he doesnt change his ways that his son`s son little Tim will soon die (little Tim is amazing and funny.) The ghost then shows that his son insultes him in shirades, laughs about him, makes jokes about him.

The final ghost is a giant black shadow that you never see the face of it is called the ghost of christmas future. This ghost begins by making a shadow horseman appear and chase Scrooge through the streets of London then he makes Scrooge as tiny as a rat then two people try to hit a rat nearby to Scrooge with a broomstick almost hitting him while trying. Next the ghostly ghoul shows that what may be if Scrooge doesnt change his ways that is him and littleTim both die on christmas day. But luckily because of the ghosts Scrooge changes himself saving both himself and little Tim also getting into the christmas spirit and being the jolliest man London had ever seen.

A christmas carol is a great movie with a good animation and voice actors but the story can get a little repetitive and confusing to younger children becuause of all these things happening at once. The story is nicely written but the thing is they try to squeeze so much into a hour or so of content but it just isnt long enough for all of this adventure and people to stay in your mind for the whole morning. I would probably rate this movie about 7.8/10 due to the lack of content and the confusing parts of the story.

JoshS: Trapped

I had been chosen to compete in the survival games, a terrible game where there are 12 districts that each have to put forward 1 boy and girl train and then go into a fully computer generated landscape and fight to the death. I had been chosen for this game of death and had allied with 2 of the districts (9&4) so we all had a better chance to survive this torture. When we started at the center of the map most of the people ran straight to the middle but I had already grabbed one of the small round backpacks they had placed around, found my tiny group and sprinted towards the dark misty forest. I was hoping not to be immediately slaughtered by the other districts. But I always was at the back when we went for a walk, but now I was in real trouble the enormous tree had fallen on my leg, I was trapped, I couldn’t move..

Immediately after the tree had fallen on my leg a flashing pain bursted into the muscles surrounding it, a blazing hot sting jabbed into my arm and as I loomed around the dim forest in the corner of my eye I noticed an arrow had hit the tree that my leg was trapped under. But then I realised that there was a small batch of dead skin attached to the spiked metal point at the end, which meant that somebody was looking for my blood to be spilling over the crumbly dirt floor! My leg had lost all feeling by then the blood circiulation there must have been blocked so if even if I did get out I would have probably fallen still. But that wasn`t on my mind at the time all I could think about right then was getting out of this hell and back into my humble home where I could live a normal safe life.

After a lot of stuggling and loud painful cries for help the tree started to flinch showing tiny signs of movement which slowly got larger, pain still blasted into my leg faster than you would believe. But it slowly faded as the tree whimpered away from its normal posistion making me slightly optimistic and relieved that somebody was hopefully going to save me but when I saw the saviour I realised this was no freind…


JoshS: What’s the 100 word challenge?

Im pretty sure that some people are wondering what the 100 word challenge is so I’m making this blog to show anybody that doesn’t know what the 100 word challenge is about. Well basically the 100 word challenge is a competition where every week the developers release a blog telling you what the phrase is that you have to include somewhere in the blog. When you begin it can be about anything that you can think of and the only 2 rules for it is you have to use the phrase/sentence in the blog and you have to use around 100 words (a few numbers short or more is aceptable.) This challenge may sound boring but it really does prove to be a challenge to squeeze so much into one post. For us though the teachers just chose out a few of there favourite sentences for us to write with which still is quite a challenge.

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JoshS: Hurricane George Strikes Worksop

Hello there viewers I am at the situation of Hurricane George a mark 5 hurricane that is heading straight towards Worksop! It’s already deystroyed 5 cities including places like Birmingham and Manchester its even blasted through London! It has already killed over 5000 people altogether and now the hurricane has a wide selection of furniture inside that I can see like sofa’s chair’s even a giant doughnut… This is 20 minutes later and I can now confirm that the Hurricane has started to obliterate Worksop it’s sucking up everything in sight cars, lorries, houses think of anything and it will definitely be all be stocked up in there ready to burst out when this hurricane finally stops. Hurricane George has finally stopped and now we see the devastation of it’s might. All there’s left now is ruins bricks and wood scattered across the long battered road obviously the path Hurricane George took nobody here stood a chance but luckily as we searched this devestated town we found survivors, some with ragged clothes that had been ripped of cut by probably pieces of scrap falling from the sky. Not many live to tell the tale but the people who did survive are the luckiest people to live.

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JoshS: London 2012 Olympic Games

This summer the United Kingdom hosted the 2012 olympic games where the UK won 29 gold medals which means the hosts have come 3rd place this year in more detail according to the Olympic site the top 3. Countries are:

1:USA with 104 overall points

2:China with 88 overall points

3:Great Britian with 65 overall points

Here are some of the amazing gold medal winners of the world!

Usain Bolt, Mens 100m, Mens 200m, Men’s 4x100m relay.

Mohamed Farah, Men’s 5000m, Men’s 10,000m

Nicola Adams, Women’s boxing,

Well done to all the athletes who took part in this years olympics and know we were all there cheering you on in our homes or even at the olympics and I wish everybody in the next olympics the best of the luck!

JoshS: The competition

While everybody here is blogging away there is a battle is brewing, hiding in the shadows. Two teams fighting to win. These two teams are the girls (the force of evil in this world) and then the boys (the strength of good) that are fighting this evil. Please help us all you can to defeat the rebel women and win this terrible war. So Keep an eye out for them and whatever you do comment on the boys blogs only!

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JoshS: Football

Football is a worldwide sport loved by many people, young and elderly, it includes hundreds of players worldwide that put in their all to help their team to triumph the opposing team which could be anybody! Sure it’s an exciting game but don’t you think footballers get paid a bit too much? Take Joe Hart for example, an English Goalkeeper that is great but he is paid around £90,000 per week. Think of all the stuff that would help? It could be spent on food for the starving in India, help stop the war in Afghanistan, all these possibilities are just wasted on cars and houses. They don’t have a reason not to give money to these causes, but not all footballers are bad with there money, many footballers help by trying to make the world a better place with their wonderful donations to charities. If you have read this far, thank you, and whenever you get the chance help these people who don’t deserve to suffer.

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