Camping and Blogathon

Camping and Blogathon is only camping and blogging at the same time first of all we went outside and put our tents up, then we went and got our things out of the class room. We then got settled down in our tents. Mr Huthart then set us the commando course challenge which was hard. After that we went inside to do some blogging and watched a movie.


JoshS: Skype

During our blogathon we have been using skype to talk to other classes in different countries. About half an hour ago we called a summer school in Iowa, a state in America. Yesterday we also called a school in Ireland (Republic Of Ireland.) Skyping with them was a very exciting experience, talking to another country with a webcam would seem impossible 50 years ago.

Moving away from us lets see how skype works and how it can be a benifit to people. Ok firstly Skype has one major stepback from being an amazing phone replacer, to use it you have to have an internet connection. Apart from that it`s great! If your not into talking to your friends and family with the phone & webcam you can message them instead! It`s like a phone but you don`t need to use any credit!

Anyway thanks for reading and here`s a link to download Skype I highly recommend it:

Dog Talk

Me and Amy have 3 dogs between us. Amy has got 1 Jack Russell called Poppy. Me (Darcie) has got 2 Italian pointers 1 called Gioia pronounced (joy a) and she is 6 years old the other one is called Guida who is younger and she is Gioias daughter Guida  is pronounced (gwee da). All three of them are cute, adorable and amazing to snuggle up to.

Amy bought Poppy ,Last year in 2011 from skegness.

Darcie’s family bought Guida in 2010 from Henor Then about 2 month after we got Gioia the older one.