Firework Disaster – 100 Word Challenge

It was bonfire night and all my family came around to have some fireworks. My dad was lighting the fireworks but one didn’t light, so my dad’s best mate went down the garden and had a look to see what was wrong. He put his head down to look in to the firework and it went off and went straight into his head! He had to go to hospital but luckily he was okay, the nurse took the firework out off his head and he came home.  My dad doesn’t light the fireworks now, he just watches them.

Firework Disaster

On Bonfire night we were lighting a firework, we lit it fine but when we stepped back it didn’t go off so my uncle went to see what was wrong and to light it again.. then it went off and hit my uncle in the face! He got rushed to A&E and he had to have facial treatment and all the burns taken out. He said it really hurt and that was a lesson learnt for him never to go near a firework that hasn’t gone off. For a year or two he had to put cream on his face.

Firework Disaster – 100 Word Challenge

It was bonfire night and my family were going to be letting some fireworks off in our back garden. My mum was getting out some fireworks whilst my dad was cooking some yummy food. My mum set one off and it didn’t work so we came away from the firework and my dad didn’t know. He walked up to the firework while we were having food. He looked at it and I ran out and manged to stop him. The firework set off and set our neighbour’s shed on fire! They were quite angry with us so we packed our fireworks away.

Josh S 100 Word Challenge: Firework Disaster

Late into bonfire night when most people were in bed I smelt smoke coming from outside. I slowly climbed out of bed and to my surprise when I looked out my old, dusty window my back garden was on fire! I immediately ran into the hallway and shouted at the top of my lungs, “The back garden is on fire!” Everyone got up and soon after hearing my terrified screaming everyone ran downstairs and out the house. The smoke was toxic filling my nose and making me choke every second. What were we going to do with the back garden on fire? Soon everything will be burnt; my past and possibly my future.