Camping and Blogathon

Camping and Blogathon is only camping and blogging at the same time first of all we went outside and put our tents up, then we went and got our things out of the class room. We then got settled down in our tents. Mr Huthart then set us the commando course challenge which was hard. After that we went inside to do some blogging and watched a movie.



On 13 June 2013 we went on a school trip to cleethorpes for 1 day for a free trip because we tried our best in SAT’s. We sat on the beach for 3 hours. Then after that we had some free chips as well. We all I enjoyed our great day out with school and  we went to the gift shop and some people got sweets some people got icecream and some people got rock after that we went to the coach and went back home. On the Way home most of us was tired but other people was quite lively and shouting. When we got back to school we was aloud straight home because it had gone past home time.

JoshS: The National Coal Mining Museum

Last Thursday class 6 went on a trip to the National Coal Mining Museum, where around 90 – 100 years ago miners travelled down 140 metres into a cold, dark and dingy mineshaft where they mined for coal which back then powered machines, boats, fireplace`s and much more. Mineshaft`s can be extremely dangerous places to be inside as at any moment something could go terribly wrong.

But our journey into the mines was in two small groups, inside the mines the guides (who were ex-miner`s) showed us many fascinating things. For example they showed us 3 different types of drills and how loud they were, how light reflects off mirrors and how they used it in the mineshafts plus much more amazing facts on the side.

While we were there we also went on a nature trail, an ex-miner told us about his story and the mining showers and lockers area. At the end of the day i`m almost sure everybody was sad to leave the musuem but we did get a few memorative gift`s from the shop there. For more information on the National Coal Mining Musuem look at the website below by clicking the link thanks!

Link to the website:

The C6 blogathon has begun

For the third time, class 6 are doing a blogathon! This time it’s a little bit different we are camping on the school field and blogging at the same time. We are all looking forward to camping and blogging at the same time but for now we are blogging from the hall while practicing our keystage 2 performance and if you don’t know what it is Grease.

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JoshS: And so it begins!

The day has finally struck, the third blogathon has finally begun and class 6 are blogging away like there`s no tomorrow. We are currently practicing our production Grease but that won`t stop us! Apart from the actors on-stage we all have a way of blogging, (Ipad`s, Laptops) we`re all ready to blog like never before and write to the best of our ability. This time instead of sleeping in the hall we`re camping out on the field in a variety of tent`s of different shape`s and sizes. So now that this first little task of mine is done let`s get blogging!