JoshS: And so it begins!

The day has finally struck, the third blogathon has finally begun and class 6 are blogging away like there`s no tomorrow. We are currently practicing our production Grease but that won`t stop us! Apart from the actors on-stage we all have a way of blogging, (Ipad`s, Laptops) we`re all ready to blog like never before and write to the best of our ability. This time instead of sleeping in the hall we`re camping out on the field in a variety of tent`s of different shape`s and sizes. So now that this first little task of mine is done let`s get blogging!

My horse riding story so far

I started horse riding when i just turned 9. I went horse riding at walling wells stables. My favourite pony there was miss t and I loved riding her. I enjoyed it when I went on my first hack on miss t at walling wells and I loved horse riding so much.

Then, after a few months of riding, the most amazing thing happened. I came home one day from my friends house and my mum had come home from work. I walked into the living room and my mum said that my aunties friend has a pony and a horse, the pony (dash) needed caring for because Louise is too tall to ride him. My mum and Louise both said I can have him on loan for £25.00 a week! I was so excited!

After a long 2 weeks, I finally got to and see him, it was amazing! I took him some polos and some carrots to have and he loved them. I now ride him every weekend and sometimes visit him after school if I have time.

Should a member of parliament be on the program ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of hear’

I don’t think so because she probably is still getting paid for having fun and not working like everyone else has to. The poor people still go to work and try to make their family healthy and they still have to go to work I don’t think it’s fair for the people who are on benefits and are living in a box and who are homeless (Mr Huthart). The MPs who are rich and earn lots of money a day should not be allowed to do things such as nadine is doing in time they should be working!

Nadine in I’m a celebrity get me out of here

Nadine shouldn’t be in I’m a celebrity get me out of here because it’s wrong. She should be in Britain helping the government. and she earns too much, way too much and it’s just wrong especially when she has standards. The money she gets is ridiculous, she needs to help the  Prime Minister and the members of parliament. She is too overpaid.

Nadine Dorries

I’m a celebrity’s nadine dorries is a member of the parliament and she shouldn’t be on I’m a celebrity because she is getting payed for nothing she is just having fun on I’m a celebrity. I’m a celebrity Is a programme where you live in a jungle for three weeks doing trials againsed other people and you get split up into two different groups and you sleep on the same camp site as them and you have to walk across high bridges. As a member of parliament I think that nadine should be available at all times as this is in her job description and the I’m a celebrity show is based in Australia.

Nadine Dorries (I’m a celebrity get me out of here!)

Nadine Dorries is a member of British parliment and has taken part in a very popular  tv show called Im a celebrity get me out of here. I don’t think that its right that even though she is in the jungle she is still getting payed thousands. She’s not even doing her real job. I don’t think that it’s fair that it’s just her getting special treatment.

JoshS: Be The Best You Can Be

Be the best you can be is our school motto, it represents courage, pride, bravery and honesty etc… This motto means a lot to our school like if you do get lower grades than someone else, just remember that you were the best you could be and that no matter what happens this motto will be with us forever now, even until death. We are students of Norbridge Academy that means we have to try hard in every lesson, every paragraph and sentence. As Mr Huthart says too, you may leave Norbridge someday but Norbridge never leaves you..

I hope you enjoyed reading about this motto, please leave a comment below to say what you think and look forward to the rest of the blogathon!