JoshS: A Christmas Carol: Movie Review

A christmas carol is a movie about an eldery man named Scrooge. He hated the christmas spirit and tried to make Christmas seem like it never existed to him. This reason is because Scrooge`s wife Kiesha died 9 years on christmas eve before the movie is set because of this Scrooge feels like there is nothing that he should live for. So he is always this grumpry miserable man who nobody seems to bother because of his lack of kindness and christmas spirit. That night though his old buisness partner Jacob Marley comes back from the dead as a ghost to tell Scrooge that if he doesnt stop his ways then the worst will happen. So after the ghost tells Scrooge this he says that at midnight the next ghost will appear in this room…

When the clock struck midnight like Jacob said a second ghost appears this ghost has a normal torso which is bright yellow/orange has a candle lamp on top of his head for light and has no arms or legs either. This ghost calls itself the ghost of christmas past that shows Scrooge some of the events that have happened previously in Scrooge`s life. They travel to when Scrooge was in his childhood and the ghost shows Scrooge that he never was happy for anyone or even himself and that even then Scrooge didnt care for christmas.

 The second ghost was a giant santa/greek person that made Scrooge hold on to a piece of paper that let him hover over London this ghost was named the ghost of christmas present. This ghost showed Scrooge that if he doesnt change his ways that his son`s son little Tim will soon die (little Tim is amazing and funny.) The ghost then shows that his son insultes him in shirades, laughs about him, makes jokes about him.

The final ghost is a giant black shadow that you never see the face of it is called the ghost of christmas future. This ghost begins by making a shadow horseman appear and chase Scrooge through the streets of London then he makes Scrooge as tiny as a rat then two people try to hit a rat nearby to Scrooge with a broomstick almost hitting him while trying. Next the ghostly ghoul shows that what may be if Scrooge doesnt change his ways that is him and littleTim both die on christmas day. But luckily because of the ghosts Scrooge changes himself saving both himself and little Tim also getting into the christmas spirit and being the jolliest man London had ever seen.

A christmas carol is a great movie with a good animation and voice actors but the story can get a little repetitive and confusing to younger children becuause of all these things happening at once. The story is nicely written but the thing is they try to squeeze so much into a hour or so of content but it just isnt long enough for all of this adventure and people to stay in your mind for the whole morning. I would probably rate this movie about 7.8/10 due to the lack of content and the confusing parts of the story.

Scrooges Christmas carol film review

On the 13th of November year six from Norbridge Academy had a sleepover at school so that we could do a blogathon (where we blog for 24 hours). At about five to nine we all went into the hall and we watched a film. We watched Scrooges Christmas carol here is my review.

I think that the film was really good. It was an animated one there were some loud noises and scary parts but otherwise it was really quite amazing. I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children. Although it was really good it was quite scary.

I think that it is suitable for children age 8+

It was about 3 different spirits coming and showing Scrooge his past and future

The first spirit was Christmas Past

The second spirit was Christmas Present

And finally the last spirit was Christmas future

It was really good.



the blogathon expereance

yesterday I went to the blogathon and it was great, we also blogged on the ipads it was fun we watched the christmas carol movie for a break at night. Mr Hutharts son billy came to the blogathon aswell. I had some jaffa cakes and gave Mr Huthart some and sat on an air bed but mine went down so I had to sleep on the floor with everyonelse but I did sleep well. On the other hand Jake kept scareing me with the mask and kept scareing me about weeping angles aswell. I enjoyed my self and thats good aswell so I cant wait for the next one but we are not aloud to tell you what the next blogathon theam is. watch this space.

A christmas carol review

Yesterday class 6 watched a film called a Christmas carol. I really like the film and I think that I could watch this film any time any day. I liked this film and a lot of the parts were funny most of the film was interesting. I would give this film a really good four stars out of five. Some of the parts was sad and some of the parts were happy. My favorite part was when the ghost with the chain came on and scared some people. The film was really really good and its not the best film and its not the worst either. I really liked this film it was amazing!