Firework Disaster!

Tonight it was bonfire night, it was very dark and my mum and dad were setting off the fireworks so all my family could watch, then all of a sudden a rocket went wrong and went through the window, it scared my dog so the dog ran through the house!

So my mum, dad and my family ran up to the house to see Jess the dog and to see if she was scared but she was fine!

So, just in case, we took Jess to the vets and they said she would be fine, we just need to be careful with the fire next year!

Fireworks Disaster

Me and my family were having a bonfire, we’d put money together to buy some fireworks. We had 100 pounds worth of fireworks . We wanted to see a big bang so we lit them all at once, my dad lit them all. Then all of a sudden my dad went up with the fireworks .He went so high up he could see aliens .He came back down, he said that he’d nearly got abducted by aliens. So after that he never touched a firework ¬†again. Next year we are going to a display.

Firework Disaster

Tonight we were doing fireworks in the back yard, I couldn’t wait we were going to have sparklers and fireworks, most of the family were coming. It got to five o’clock and Aunty Amanda and Uncle Andy came round and we set the first firework off, it made a big bang and it was purple and green, it was beautiful. But when the firework came down it hit my mum on the head and she got badly hurt. We took her to hospital because it was so late the doctors weren’t open and the hospital said she had brain damage.

Firework Disaster

I had a bonfire party and my friends came round to watch the fireworks. We were all watching from inside. My dad lit the fireworks and then came inside then he noticed that he didn’t light one (or did he…) so after we had our jacket potatoes and hot dogs we all went out and sat on the bench and watched my dad put some Catherine wheels on the fence and then he lit them. It was awesome! After that my mum got us some sweets then my dad had some and so did my mum. Then my dad was just about to light the firework that didn’t go off and… BANG!!!

Firework Disaster

I had a bonfire party at my house on a Saturday with toffee apples, sparklers, a bonfire and fireworks. Everyone was having such a nice time until my dad set off a firework… It blew up on the floor. At first it wouldn’t set off and my dad walked up to it and lit it again. Then… It blew up on the grass instead of in the sky it almost ¬†burnt everyone, especially my Dad. He was put at great risk. We took him to the doctors because he’d inhaled quite a lot of smoke. But my dad is fine now .

Firework Disaster – 100 Word Challenge

It was bonfire night and my family were going to be letting some fireworks off in our back garden. My mum was getting out some fireworks whilst my dad was cooking some yummy food. My mum set one off and it didn’t work so we came away from the firework and my dad didn’t know. He walked up to the firework while we were having food. He looked at it and I ran out and manged to stop him. The firework set off and set our neighbour’s shed on fire! They were quite angry with us so we packed our fireworks away.