The football match final

There I was stood outside the biggest match of them all it was United Kingdom v Germany. In the fist 40 min the score was two~nill. 45 min later the score was 6~3 to Germany, excitment buzzed in the air I knew that United Kingdom would triumph but they may not but they must if they do not I whould not know what to do I whould be lost.

Liverpool football match

There I was stood outside the biggest Stadium. I was with my mate Cole and we both went in to watch Liverpool vs Wigan. I sat in the front row, we were playing at Anfield and the match started and we scored a goal,it was Suarez. It was 1-0 then Suarez scored again, Equire scored and the game finished   3-0.


                                    THE     END

A football match

I went to an awesome football match it was really sunny. The teams which were playing were Leeds vs Sheffield Wednesday.

After ten minutes, already Leeds had scored a goal. You could hear people shouting “COME ON LEEDS” but after another thirty minutes, they were drawing with three goals each the game now had five minutes left and still three all. I was cheering “come on leeds” It had ten seconds left 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and Leeds scored. So all you could hear was “YEAH” and the final score was 4/3 to Leeds. I was so happy. All the crowd were rushing home because it was raining but I was still stood there shouting “YEAH”.


My opinion on football is that, footballers get overpaid like Rooney gets overpaid and lots of other footballers, what about the people who have no money they don’t get anything to get food or water, some live on the street and don’t even have a cover or a pillow, some don’t even get new clothes or coats. Lots of the poor people who you see on the street are laid there in dirt or rain!!!! Footballer’s should not get overpaid! part of their wages should be used to help poor people.

JoshS: Football

Football is a worldwide sport loved by many people, young and elderly, it includes hundreds of players worldwide that put in their all to help their team to triumph the opposing team which could be anybody! Sure it’s an exciting game but don’t you think footballers get paid a bit too much? Take Joe Hart for example, an English Goalkeeper that is great but he is paid around £90,000 per week. Think of all the stuff that would help? It could be spent on food for the starving in India, help stop the war in Afghanistan, all these possibilities are just wasted on cars and houses. They don’t have a reason not to give money to these causes, but not all footballers are bad with there money, many footballers help by trying to make the world a better place with their wonderful donations to charities. If you have read this far, thank you, and whenever you get the chance help these people who don’t deserve to suffer.

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Do footballers get paid too much money?

Yes they are but if you were a professional footballer would you take the money? If the answer is yes you would argue against that they were paid to much money. If the answer is no you think they are paid too much but think about it. If you was the footballer and you said no everyone would think you had gone mad. But if you did every one would think you were taking to much money. If you were the footballer and you did all that training  and those matches you would expect to get paid? So do footballers get paid too much? you decide!

Are Football players over payed

Football players are over payed i think this because doctors save people’s lives but football is just another form of entertainment for people.The amount they get payed is ridiculous take Wayne Rooney for example he gets 140k a week that’s more than some people get in a lifetime! Football wastes money by buying players on the transfer market.Then they actually get payed for playing form England it should be an honour not just another payment.