The football match final

There I was stood outside the biggest match of them all it was United Kingdom v Germany. In the fist 40 min the score was two~nill. 45 min later the score was 6~3 to Germany, excitment buzzed in the air I knew that United Kingdom would triumph but they may not but they must if they do not I whould not know what to do I whould be lost.



Year six went to cleethorpes it was was so amazing and so so so so fun!

We spent all of our time on the beach which was fantasic. The wind blew and the sea swished i was having a really good time. We went to the fish and chip shop and all of our class got a cone of chips, our school trip was free, it was a treat for trying hard in our SAT’S.

When we went to the sea side we were aloud to go in the sea and have a paddle but only with our teachers though.

Low ropes

Year 6 are going to kingswood on Sunday the 3rd of February it is a fun activate place where children get to sleep over or just go for the day low ropes is an activity for all ages they are purpose built low ropes obstacle course encourages communcitation and co-operation and helps children build confidence they develop balance co-ordination as they navigate their way through a series of bridges.The obsticale requires the pupils to work in teams of three. I am looking forwards to going and this activity sounds so fun.

mia and Natalie

The owl show

Today a man came to our school he brought 4 owls with him, It was so interesting here are the names of the owls he brought with him.

  • Rocky who is 7 and a half
  • Gizmo who is 4 years olds
  • Milligan who is 30 weeks old
  • Ronnie who is 2 and a half.

Then the man told us a few more facts here they are,

If a owl has yellow eyes it means it hunts during the daytime. If an owl has black or dark eyes it means it hunts at night and if a owl has orange eyes it means that it hunts early in a morning or in a evening/sunrise and sunset.

The man was also telling us all all sorts of fun facts too he let the owls off the perch and let them fly around our hall.

I totally enjoyed it.

Darcie J R and Amy H

Dog Talk

Me and Amy have 3 dogs between us. Amy has got 1 Jack Russell called Poppy. Me (Darcie) has got 2 Italian pointers 1 called Gioia pronounced (joy a) and she is 6 years old the other one is called Guida who is younger and she is Gioias daughter Guida  is pronounced (gwee da). All three of them are cute, adorable and amazing to snuggle up to.

Amy bought Poppy ,Last year in 2011 from skegness.

Darcie’s family bought Guida in 2010 from Henor Then about 2 month after we got Gioia the older one.

If I was in charge for the day

I would Make sure that no body falls out and that everyone was friends. I would go to school but only up until lunch. Then I would  go home and tell all my family that we can get into the Cadbury factory for free. Then we would get home about 11:00pm and I would Invite every one round for a big fat party. I mean all of my family her is a list of them:

  • Grandma
  • Grandad
  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Gavin
  • Grandma Wendy
  • Grandad Richard
  • Chloe
  • Neve
  • Uncle Jon
  • Jeanette
  • Paul
  • Gail
  • Rebecca
  • Claire
  • Pete

And here a a couple of my friends that I would invite

  • Amy H
  • Emma
  • Charllotte
  • Emily
  • Milly
  • Mia
  • Mark
  • Amy E