Our grease production.

Our school this year key stage 2 are doing a play and this year it’s Grease. We have worked  really hard and improved so much.

We are performing in a few days and we are really excited to show everyone how well we have done. We have rehearsed every day and we have a brilliant, talented cast. I’m a teacher and I really enjoy it because I get to be really stressed out and I’m really good at it because I’m always stressed out all of the time. Everyone who does solos are really good at it.

I can’t wait for the day to perform our brilliant production!

Grease performance

KS2 have been rehearsing for our school play, Grease! So far we are quite good.  If you are intrested in grease here are a few facts about it:

Grease was made in 1978.

Grease was directed by Randal Kleiser.

The T-Birds are Danny, Kenickie, Doody, Sonny and Putzi.

The pink ladies are Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan and Marty.


These are the roles and cast in our performance:



Doody- Keiran

Sonny- Owen

Kenickie- Jake

Putzi- Billy

Johnny- Tom

Pink Ladies

Sandy- Olivia

Frenchy- Emily

Rizzo- Darcie

Jan- Rose

Marty- Millie

Other roles

Vince Fontain- Kian

Blanche- Mia

Mr. Huthart- Keiran. W

Patty Simcox- Alice

Eugene- Luke

Teacher 1- Charlie H

Teacher 2- Brooke

Teacher 3- Srushti

Mr Scott- George

Scorpion 1- Logan

Scorpion 2- Billy. R

Scorpion 3 and 4- Sam and Theo

Cha Cha Di Gregoria- Charlotte. W

Cheerleaders- Natalie, Amy, Heather, Kayleigh, India and Alysha

Footballers- Jayden, Brenden and Cole

Angels- Amelia, Reanna, Cofei, Chloe, Emma, Chloe. R, Nicole and Shannon.

Tom- Bailey

We have renamed our grease performance to ‘Norbridge rocks (grease)’.

We hope that our performance will be as good as we hope it will be


By Amelia G






















Grease performance

KS2 have been rehearsing for our school production called Grease if you are interested in our Grease play here are some facts about it.

Grease was made in 1978.

Grease wass directed by Randal kleiser.

The pink ladies are Frenchy,Marty,Jan,Rizzo and Sandy.

The T-Birds are Danny,Putzi,Doody,Sonny,Kenickie and Johnny.

We have renamed our production Norbridge rocks Grease.



Grease is our KS2 production that we are doing this year in and throughout school people have been talking about how exciting it is going to be. We are all in gear and trying our best to act and dance in and throughout dances. I am a teacher called Blanche you might know me in the play as the silly one but in real life I’m not at all. I dance in the song ‘we go together’ which is a great dance and very enthusiastic and fun. A lot of the teachers have got very good dance ideas especially Miss Jackson and Miss Milliwater and Miss Williams. Miss Williams and Miss Jackson thought of and idea of giving kitkats out to the people who try there hardest.

We are videoing the play now and just seeing what we need to change or improve. Everyone is getting better at acting their part for example George the P.E teacher is getting better and all the teachers are Putting there all into it.

Miss cooper, Mrs Williams and Miss millwater have tried there hardest to make the background scences and Miss Cooper is hard at work painting the background which is Rydale High but in our play it is Norbridge High.

Beauty school dropout dancers are very good and have worked out a dance with one of the teachers and the dance is perfect now everyone does the same movements at the same time and Kian sings so nicely and try’s his best everytime he practices the song.

Liam sings his songs sandy very independitly and has backup dancers that have learnt a easy and quick dance in such a sort period of time, they are excellent.

Also Olivia (sandy) sings her song Hopelessly devoted very indepentditly and try’s her best everytime she sings it even though her throat hurts sometimes she will still do it.