Hurricane George hits Worksop

BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS we have reports of an actual hurricane hitting Worksop scientists are calling it hurricane George!Its already hit parts of Manton wiping out everything in its path. People are fleeing their homes in fear as it travels closer to the north, soon to hit Norbridge Academy. People evacuate from the location as experts say it will soon be destroyed!


JoshS: Hurricane George Strikes Worksop

Hello there viewers I am at the situation of Hurricane George a mark 5 hurricane that is heading straight towards Worksop! It’s already deystroyed 5 cities including places like Birmingham and Manchester its even blasted through London! It has already killed over 5000 people altogether and now the hurricane has a wide selection of furniture inside that I can see like sofa’s chair’s even a giant doughnut… This is 20 minutes later and I can now confirm that the Hurricane has started to obliterate Worksop it’s sucking up everything in sight cars, lorries, houses think of anything and it will definitely be all be stocked up in there ready to burst out when this hurricane finally stops. Hurricane George has finally stopped and now we see the devastation of it’s might. All there’s left now is ruins bricks and wood scattered across the long battered road obviously the path Hurricane George took nobody here stood a chance but luckily as we searched this devestated town we found survivors, some with ragged clothes that had been ripped of cut by probably pieces of scrap falling from the sky. Not many live to tell the tale but the people who did survive are the luckiest people to live.

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Hurricane Goerge by Luke

News! A hurricane is in the south of Worksop, it is called George. It blew up all of Worksop except for my house. I’m so lucky! 100 people died because of the hurricane. It is really bad !

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