If I was in charge for a day

If I was in charge I would go and see JLS in concert.  Then I would go to Bridlington for a week or two then I would always have sleepovers. Then I would beg my mum for an i phone till I get one! I would also have V.I.P. on moviestarplanet! I would also have singing lessons because then I would be good at singing and I would know every single song! I would be so happy to be in charge for today!

If I was in charge for the day!

If I was in charge for the day I would take my mum brother and dad out for the day too a holiday to Cyprus or something even nicer than that,we would go and do lots of swimming in the outside pool or the inside one.We would stop in a really nice hotel and have a really good day and go to the shows at the night, it would be so good!!!! We would also go to the beach and walk around the shops and get some nice things. I would tell them what to do and what we are doing, we would go to the cinemas and have lots of POP CORN! It would be really fun.