I’m a celebrity get me out of here

It is fair because nadine dorries is giving the money she earns to charity as an mp while she on I’m a celebrity get me out of here to a hero of charity. Nadine in the program I’m  a celebrity get me out of here she is a mp for parliament and she is getting paid while she is not available for work in England. She is at the moment  as we speak  in the jungle waiting till 9 o’clock  when she will be on  the celebrity get me out of here program. At nine she is going head to head with Helen doing rotten rinse the bush tucker trail as well.

Nadine in I’m a celebrity get me out of here

Nadine shouldn’t be in I’m a celebrity get me out of here because it’s wrong. She should be in Britain helping the government. and she earns too much, way too much and it’s just wrong especially when she has standards. The money she gets is ridiculous, she needs to help the  Prime Minister and the members of parliament. She is too overpaid.

Nadine Dorries

I’m a celebrity’s nadine dorries is a member of the parliament and she shouldn’t be on I’m a celebrity because she is getting payed for nothing she is just having fun on I’m a celebrity. I’m a celebrity Is a programme where you live in a jungle for three weeks doing trials againsed other people and you get split up into two different groups and you sleep on the same camp site as them and you have to walk across high bridges. As a member of parliament I think that nadine should be available at all times as this is in her job description and the I’m a celebrity show is based in Australia.

JoshS: Parliment in Austrailia

On this years I’m a celebrity get me out of here which is an English tv program where celebrities go into a jungle and face challenges that include the wonderus creatures of the jungle so they can win a unknown prize. This series has just begun and there is actually an MP of the UK competing. The MP is named Nadine Dorries who actually has a phobia of rats and mice which isn’t the best thing for the show. Nadine has recently been in one of the trails which in this show are mostly horrible and include critters like alive mealworms, cockroaches even scorpions! But getting a little more serious away from this programme as I said before she works for the Parliment and is actually getting money while she is in Austrailia with bugs crawling in her hair. This is ok and not, this is ok because she does have her own decisions and own life but it isn’t ok because she is meant to be in the office working when she is getting paid money for doing nothing. ITV (the channel it is published on) is actually thinking about suspending her from the competition due to the arguments people are making so we will have to wait and see to find out if Nadine is suspended from the show.

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I’m a celebrity get me out of here!!

I don’t think that nadine dorries should be on I’m a celebrity because, she is a member of parliment. She gets payed lots of money even though she is not at work. She still gets paid lots of money when she is on I’m a celebrity get me out of here, i don’t think it is fair. Because a lot of people don’t get anything at all so even when she is off work she shouldn’t get paid and it is not fair on others!!!! What happens if somebody needs her to do her job and she can’t because she is in the jungle!!  But yet still having to get paid!!!!! … While she is in the jungle she won’t be able to do her job even if someone needs her.