should a member of parliment be in the programme im a celebrity get me out of here?

Nadine in the programme ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ she  is an MP and she is getting paid while she is not available. I think it is totally fair because she is giving the tax money to charity.Nadine Dorries To Give MP Salary To Charity

That is her in the picture. She is at the moment as we speak in the jungle waiting till 9 o clock. When she will be on the celebrity get me out of here program. At nine she is going head to head with Helen doing rotten rines the bush tucker trail.

Why should nadine dorries be paid while she’s in a game show

Nadine Dorries is unfairly getting paid for going on I’m a celebrity get me out of here. Shes getting paid for being there for helping but all she’s doing is sitting in the jungle all day so how is she available to help? So she’s taking our money and taking part in a gameshow. I don’t find it fair that we’re paying her salary a she’s not even in this country where she is supposed to be! She should get suspended.

Should a member of parliament be on the program ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of hear’

I don’t think so because she probably is still getting paid for having fun and not working like everyone else has to. The poor people still go to work and try to make their family healthy and they still have to go to work I don’t think it’s fair for the people who are on benefits and are living in a box and who are homeless (Mr Huthart). The MPs who are rich and earn lots of money a day should not be allowed to do things such as nadine is doing in time they should be working!

Nadine Dorries in I’m celebrity get me out of here

I don’t think a member of Parliament should be on I’m a celebrity get me out of here. Because she still gets paid even if she is not there but I don’t think it is fair. I think she should be there doing her normal duty but if she is not  there she should not get paid. If she  still gets paid the same amount it is totally unfair because someone else could take her place and they can get paid the same amount as her. The tax payer is really just paying for her to have a break.