Class 6 london trip

Our trip to london was amazing.We went to London at seven am. We went on a bus and we had to choose a friend to sit next to on the journey. It took four hours to get there and four and a half hours to back.When we got there we went on the London Eye it cost £7.92 and it was 135metres tall,  it took half an hour to go all the way round, you could see alot of London at the very top. After we went on a tour river cruise which was three quarters of an hour. When the boat docked it gently swayed left and right , we got to see some buildings such as elizabeth tower or as some people call it Big Ben , the river cruise was £4.60.Then we had our lunch, from three pm for around five or ten minutes then we went to the shop then we went back to the bus , at around quarter past three.We could go with new partners or with the old ones it took four and a half hours to get back , we got back at half seven.

Our trip to London.

At 7:00am we prepared for a long journey to London and we went on a long stuffy and hot bus. I was very tired and I kept on singing to the songs that were on the radio, we sang to Olly Murs.  On the coach we got very bored and I sat next to Srushti and we were playing on my Ipod touch. Two hours in we stopped at the service stop so the driver could have a break. As the journey nearly ended we saw some really big houses in London one had a pink limo!

When we got there we went on the London Eye it costed £7.92 each and it took half an hour to go the whole way round once, Did you know that the London Eye is 135m high and it weighs 330 tones over 20 times heavier than Big Ben! Also 3.5 million customers every year visits the London Eye.

After that we went on the Boat Cruise that costed £4.60 and we went across the River Thames. The Thames is 346km long and 870 feet wide. After the River Cruise we had our lunch and then we got back on the bus. On the way back we didn’t have a service stop and as Kian was coming up the aisle Mr Huthart was crouching behind the seat and he scared Kian soo much it was so funny. After that when George came up Mr Huthart pretended to be trying to get to sleep and grabbed George’s leg but it didn’t scare him one bit.

There fore we had a great trip even though it was really tiring and Mr Huthart being funny was the highlight.




On Thursday morning I woke up at 6:30am because I was going to London with my class. I was very tired that morning because the night before I went to a One Direction concert ( which was amazing). When I got to school we did the register then we got on the bus to go to London I was very excited. I sat on the bus with my friend Reanna (who was quite grumpy) on the bus I was listening to One Direction songs because I was bored.

When we got to London we went on the London eye when I looked outside the pod I saw lots of beautiful sights such as Big Ben and London bridge. The London eye is 135 meters tall. I went on the London eye with Mr Huthart and Mrs Bartlett and most of my class mates. The London eye cost £7.92p each.

After the London eye we went on a cruise and a lady told us a lot about London and the bridges and buildings we passed, I found it really interesting and I learnt a lot of new fantastic things about London that I didn’t already know.

After that we had our dinner next to the river Thames. I had lots of food and drink in my lunch box to keep me going all throughout the day. Whilst people we’re having their dinner mr Huthart, miss Jackson or miss Bartlett took us to the shop to spend our money.

On the way back i sat on the bus with Reanna again my phone ran out of charge so I couldn’t listen to my music 🙁 Half way back the bus driver put some good songs on and we all had a big sing song and I really enjoyed that. I had a really fantastic day at London.


Trip to London

At 7:00am class 6 and pupil council set off to our trip to London. The drive was horrendously long and boring. But that long journey paid off when we got there, everyone was so excited!

The first thing we did was go on the extremely high London eye. When I got on I was really nervous and scared (petrified). As we was heading towards the top I was really upset, and as I looked over the top it  made me feel sick. But it seemed to be fine after while. When I got off I was really glad I went on because if I didn’t go on I would have missed a chance of a life time.

After we got off the London eye, we got in line for the River Thames cruise. On the way round the Thames a woman was explaining facts about famous land marks such as the Big Ben and Cleo Patra’s  needle. She was telling us some facts about both of them like: Did you know the Big Ben was actually the bell inside of the clock tower? Also did you know the Cleo Patra’s needle was made 1500 years before she was born? So the River Thames cruise was really factual and we learned a lot.

The third thing we did was eat our lunch on the floor beside the RiverThames, after our thrilling day. After  we ate our lunch eight people at a time went to the gift shop. I bought an I love London bag for £9.00. So when everyone went to the shop and bought a gift, we went back home to boring Worksop.

On the way back I had a what I call kipper(a nap) on Charlie’s lap and Mr Huthart was wafting my hair about while I was trying to get to sleep. Anyway the radio was on so  we was singing along, to entertain ourselves, especially Alice singing to Army of two. It felt like we was on the bus for years, but it only took 4 hours. Overall the trip to London was great!

Trip to London.

I got off the bus feeling a little grumpy, I looked up and I saw something so amazing… The London eye!!! Also in the background I could see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment and the river Thames.

Well… London, I dont know where to start it was the best expierience of my life! We saw the house of parliment, Big Ben, London eye. We actually went on the London eye and we saw alsorts like the glass shard tower of London.

We also saw Wembley Stadium. There were lots of bridge on the river Thames, all different shapes and sizes. The London eye cost 7.49 which with a big class is alot! At the top of the London eye you can see buildings for miles and miles. We also saw Buckingham palace. One of the bridges was used in Harry potter. Skyfall was also filmed in London.


London 2013

I am now going to tell you about my fantastic trip to London. All my friends went and they loved it to.

I am going to tell you about the gigantic London eye. It cost £7.92p to go which I don’t think that is bad to go on a great ride like the LONDON EYE. We all went to line up to go on, it was quite funny because the man at the top who looks in your bags kept saying “open your bags, open your bags” in a very strange voice. I got in the pod with my friends, it felt really stuffy and warm inside. It was so nerve raking going up to the top but I was extremly excited at the same time. When I got to the top I felt like I was on top off the world. I was taking photos of Big Ben and even Buckingham palace. By that time I got to the bottom I said “sweet sweet ground”. As I got off the eye, my legs felt like jelly, it was the strangest feeling ive  ever had in my life. We walked along the river Thames it was quite windy near the river, the wing blew the smell of hot dogs and panckes along the wide foot path which was pact with tourist from all around the world.

I hope I have inspired you to go on the London eye your self.


I was at school waiting for the bus to get to get there as soon as the bus arrived we got on the bus and belted up and off we went. 2 hours into the journey we stopped off at Peterborough, I felt very sick so when we got back on the bus I sat near the front with Miss Jackson untill we got there, we went to the toilet at peterbrough services then after we got back on the bus. Another two hours went and WE WERE THERE!

We got off the bus I loved the the beautiful refreshing site of the London eye, We all lined up against the wall and our teacher (Mrs Bartlett) guided us to the station where we got our tickets for the London eye. The price was £7.92 which I think is very cheap to see the lovely sites. When you travel 135 meteres up to see hundreds of amasing views it feels fantastic.

It was time to go up on the london eye. I was nervous when we went up I am not scared of heights but that height scared me, I felt like I was flying as high as a bird. We went so far up and it was nerve racking. Mrs North took some pictures I took my ipod wich was my responceabilty and I took some good pictures of us all. When we got to the top of the london eye I was very scared. We was going down and I saw some even better views.

We got off of the london eye and now it was time to go on the river cruise. A lovely lady was telling us what we were passing and showing us who was in site we saw a lord  outside the houses of parliment. The river cruise price was £4.60 wich is very cheap it was amazing the views were outstanding to the views of worksop (our town) that I have to pass every morning to come to school.

Then we went and had our dinner some of us had to stand up but some people sat on there coats there was some lovely sun shining in our faces which was nice. we sat at the side of the river Thames. Then when we finshed our dinner we went to the gift shop in groups off 8 then off home so that was our trip to london maybe you should go someday.

our trip to London

On Thursday 21st class 6 and pupil council went on a trip to London. We had to be at school for 6:45am.

On the way to London I sat near my friends so I didn’t get to board!! It was a very long journy there it took about 4 hours and we was all tierd and we couldnt get to sleep because some of the other people was shouting.

When we arrived we stopped for a toilet break and then we went on the London eye,
the London eye was GIGANTIC. It was £7.92 for one person and it is 135m high and quite wide. There was alot of us there was 42 children and 4 adults altogether there was 46 of us.

After the london eye we went on a river cruise, we went around the river and as we went round, someone who worked on the boat told us what every thing was when we went past it and the history of the different buildings.

after all the travling and the London eye also the river cruise we had our dinner at the side of the river themes.

On the way back nearly all of us was asleep and we didn’t get back untill about 7:30, it was a long journy home because there was a lot of traffic.

We had a fantastic day!