SATS and how they went

As you know every year 6 has to do there SATS some time in the year and we had to do them quite a while ago and I am going to tell you how they went.

On the first day of SATS we just did a reading test it was quite fun but I am a bit like that, I love tests and it had stories in it and when I read it , it was really good.You had to just answer some simple questions well some of them was not as simple as others.

On the second day of SATS we just did spelling grammar and punctuation and that was all in one big test that was not that hard a lot of the questions were very easy.

On the 3rd day we did test a and mental Maths test a was quiet easy but some questions my brain just had a blank out and did not know at all.mental Maths was ok I think I did quiet well in that one.

On the very last day the 4th day we just did one test which was test b Maths and that was not easy at all I think I will have done quiet well in that one but not that well.

We get our results at the begenning of July and also I forgot to mention the level 6’s did more tests than us they had to do level fives and sixes so that’s my SATS week.

Christmas Carol

Yesterday night we were watching Christmas Carol. After that we went back into the class to do some more blogging. We wrote a blog about being trapped and mine got put up, I was really proud of myself. 24 blogs have now been put up of mine.The film was great there was a man with a long nose and he kept on seeing these ghosts.The ghosts tried to drag the man away but they couldn’t because he stopped when he got to the window sill. And then all the other ghosts were outside his window. The picture was great I could see it really well because I was sat near the front. After we had done watching the film we did a blog called trapped as you know, then we went to bed. None of us went to sleep easily because we never shut up. There was a little man in the film he was funny. It wasn’t a long long film but it was long enough. The man knocked on a door with a door knocker and it shot out at him. I think that was what cursed him. So he had ghosts chasing after him all night. Then the ghost that was haunting him had a bit of a fit. He went a bit cranky and his face went lopsided so that was our film.


I was always at the back when we went for a walk but now I was in real trouble.The tree had fallen and i had tried to run.I couldnt t feel my leg. I was trapped I couldnt move. My friends had walked off in front of me and there was no one left to help me. Then a lady came over to me and said “get up my ducky” I said “help me please”. She tried to lift the tree up, she got it up a bit an slipt my body out from beneath the tree. Yess I was out brilliant I thanked the lady then carried on walking to the others they were right at the bottom of the hill so I couldn’t catch up with them. I ran back to the womean and said have you got any idea how I can get to my friends at the bottom of the hill. “Yeah love” she said follow that path to the end of the hill its not far. “Thanks” i said and I carried on down this path. A man said to me on my way down “did a lady send you up here” “yes” I said “why did you ask me that?” “Because she shouldnt have done that because its dangerous up here it leads you to the bottom of the hill” “ok” I said and carried on. A train zoomed past me it scared me to death but I walked a little more into the side so I wouldnt get hit. A tree was wobbiling i thought oh no! not again. Its gonna fall on me I ran out of the way and it fell the other way. So I went to pick it up to move it because I wanted to get past and as soon as I picked it up it slung me under and there I was TRAPPED again in the middle of no where no one to help me.

Danger of fireworks

Fireworks can be very dangerous, you must always let an adult lite a firework .If you don’t you could get seriously hurt also don’t go anywhere near people who are being very silly with fireworks as they .Sparkerles should always be handeled with care and you should always have gloves on when you are handeling them.