The football match final

There I was stood outside the biggest match of them all it was United Kingdom v Germany. In the fist 40 min the score was two~nill. 45 min later the score was 6~3 to Germany, excitment buzzed in the air I knew that United Kingdom would triumph but they may not but they must if they do not I whould not know what to do I whould be lost.

JoshS: The Abandoned Funfair

I walked slowly into the abandoned funfair my heart beating slowly beat after beat, louder and louder until I was in. In the background a soft melody was playing which I couldn’t quiet put my finger on but the more I listened to it the more I seemed to recognise it, but ignoring that I carried on walking down the long dusty road… At  the other side of the park I could see the largest roller-coaster here. but from the entrance you could only see the egg shaped drop that climbed and then plummeted towards no doubtedly terrifying any rider on-board, no matter how tough they are.

I noticed that some of the rides signs were hanging on a single hinge or had collapsed on the floor but as I walked under a ghost train the sign held above the ride collapsed above me! I immediately felt my adrenaline kick in, in a fast attempt to escape the falling sign I sprinted towards candy floss store the smell of rotting candy floss still floating in the air around it. In a final attempt to escape I leaped towards victory but then, a disaster struck that would change my life forever…

JoshS: Skype

During our blogathon we have been using skype to talk to other classes in different countries. About half an hour ago we called a summer school in Iowa, a state in America. Yesterday we also called a school in Ireland (Republic Of Ireland.) Skyping with them was a very exciting experience, talking to another country with a webcam would seem impossible 50 years ago.

Moving away from us lets see how skype works and how it can be a benifit to people. Ok firstly Skype has one major stepback from being an amazing phone replacer, to use it you have to have an internet connection. Apart from that it`s great! If your not into talking to your friends and family with the phone & webcam you can message them instead! It`s like a phone but you don`t need to use any credit!

Anyway thanks for reading and here`s a link to download Skype I highly recommend it:

JoshS: And so it begins!

The day has finally struck, the third blogathon has finally begun and class 6 are blogging away like there`s no tomorrow. We are currently practicing our production Grease but that won`t stop us! Apart from the actors on-stage we all have a way of blogging, (Ipad`s, Laptops) we`re all ready to blog like never before and write to the best of our ability. This time instead of sleeping in the hall we`re camping out on the field in a variety of tent`s of different shape`s and sizes. So now that this first little task of mine is done let`s get blogging!


I was at school waiting for the bus to get to get there as soon as the bus arrived we got on the bus and belted up and off we went. 2 hours into the journey we stopped off at Peterborough, I felt very sick so when we got back on the bus I sat near the front with Miss Jackson untill we got there, we went to the toilet at peterbrough services then after we got back on the bus. Another two hours went and WE WERE THERE!

We got off the bus I loved the the beautiful refreshing site of the London eye, We all lined up against the wall and our teacher (Mrs Bartlett) guided us to the station where we got our tickets for the London eye. The price was £7.92 which I think is very cheap to see the lovely sites. When you travel 135 meteres up to see hundreds of amasing views it feels fantastic.

It was time to go up on the london eye. I was nervous when we went up I am not scared of heights but that height scared me, I felt like I was flying as high as a bird. We went so far up and it was nerve racking. Mrs North took some pictures I took my ipod wich was my responceabilty and I took some good pictures of us all. When we got to the top of the london eye I was very scared. We was going down and I saw some even better views.

We got off of the london eye and now it was time to go on the river cruise. A lovely lady was telling us what we were passing and showing us who was in site we saw a lord  outside the houses of parliment. The river cruise price was £4.60 wich is very cheap it was amazing the views were outstanding to the views of worksop (our town) that I have to pass every morning to come to school.

Then we went and had our dinner some of us had to stand up but some people sat on there coats there was some lovely sun shining in our faces which was nice. we sat at the side of the river Thames. Then when we finshed our dinner we went to the gift shop in groups off 8 then off home so that was our trip to london maybe you should go someday.

marvin humes (jls)

Marvin Hume’s was born on the 18th of march 1985,
he is a member of Jls, his age is 27.

He has brown eyes has brown hair,
his favorite colour is green.

when he was younger he went to harefield academy and he got a job when he was 11!
Know he is grown up he is a singer with 3 other men called Aston, oritse, and Jonathon Benjamin Gill know as (JB) their band is called Jls!!

marvin has 2 siblings and a girlfriend.

I think they are the best band because:
They are very good at singing,
they have lots of different songs that are good
also they are amazing performers.

Marvin’s girlfriend is famous because she is called Rochell out of the sugar babes!

The Owl Show

Our school just had some visitors. A man brought us in some of his owls to show us. The first owl was Rocky and he was my favourite. Rocky is 7 years old, he was talented and he flew over us all, he loved landing on the speakers in our hall and he can do awesome tricks. The second owl was Gizmo and he is 5 years old. He is grey with a white face he was quite young so he couldn’t do as many tricks as the others but he was still very cool. The 3rd owl was Milligan he was only 30 weeks old but very big. The final owl that he introdused to us was Ronnie, he was extremely big but he could do awesome tricks and he was having a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the owl show and we hope to see them again soon.

JoshS: A Christmas Carol: Movie Review

A christmas carol is a movie about an eldery man named Scrooge. He hated the christmas spirit and tried to make Christmas seem like it never existed to him. This reason is because Scrooge`s wife Kiesha died 9 years on christmas eve before the movie is set because of this Scrooge feels like there is nothing that he should live for. So he is always this grumpry miserable man who nobody seems to bother because of his lack of kindness and christmas spirit. That night though his old buisness partner Jacob Marley comes back from the dead as a ghost to tell Scrooge that if he doesnt stop his ways then the worst will happen. So after the ghost tells Scrooge this he says that at midnight the next ghost will appear in this room…

When the clock struck midnight like Jacob said a second ghost appears this ghost has a normal torso which is bright yellow/orange has a candle lamp on top of his head for light and has no arms or legs either. This ghost calls itself the ghost of christmas past that shows Scrooge some of the events that have happened previously in Scrooge`s life. They travel to when Scrooge was in his childhood and the ghost shows Scrooge that he never was happy for anyone or even himself and that even then Scrooge didnt care for christmas.

 The second ghost was a giant santa/greek person that made Scrooge hold on to a piece of paper that let him hover over London this ghost was named the ghost of christmas present. This ghost showed Scrooge that if he doesnt change his ways that his son`s son little Tim will soon die (little Tim is amazing and funny.) The ghost then shows that his son insultes him in shirades, laughs about him, makes jokes about him.

The final ghost is a giant black shadow that you never see the face of it is called the ghost of christmas future. This ghost begins by making a shadow horseman appear and chase Scrooge through the streets of London then he makes Scrooge as tiny as a rat then two people try to hit a rat nearby to Scrooge with a broomstick almost hitting him while trying. Next the ghostly ghoul shows that what may be if Scrooge doesnt change his ways that is him and littleTim both die on christmas day. But luckily because of the ghosts Scrooge changes himself saving both himself and little Tim also getting into the christmas spirit and being the jolliest man London had ever seen.

A christmas carol is a great movie with a good animation and voice actors but the story can get a little repetitive and confusing to younger children becuause of all these things happening at once. The story is nicely written but the thing is they try to squeeze so much into a hour or so of content but it just isnt long enough for all of this adventure and people to stay in your mind for the whole morning. I would probably rate this movie about 7.8/10 due to the lack of content and the confusing parts of the story.

JoshS: Trapped

I had been chosen to compete in the survival games, a terrible game where there are 12 districts that each have to put forward 1 boy and girl train and then go into a fully computer generated landscape and fight to the death. I had been chosen for this game of death and had allied with 2 of the districts (9&4) so we all had a better chance to survive this torture. When we started at the center of the map most of the people ran straight to the middle but I had already grabbed one of the small round backpacks they had placed around, found my tiny group and sprinted towards the dark misty forest. I was hoping not to be immediately slaughtered by the other districts. But I always was at the back when we went for a walk, but now I was in real trouble the enormous tree had fallen on my leg, I was trapped, I couldn’t move..

Immediately after the tree had fallen on my leg a flashing pain bursted into the muscles surrounding it, a blazing hot sting jabbed into my arm and as I loomed around the dim forest in the corner of my eye I noticed an arrow had hit the tree that my leg was trapped under. But then I realised that there was a small batch of dead skin attached to the spiked metal point at the end, which meant that somebody was looking for my blood to be spilling over the crumbly dirt floor! My leg had lost all feeling by then the blood circiulation there must have been blocked so if even if I did get out I would have probably fallen still. But that wasn`t on my mind at the time all I could think about right then was getting out of this hell and back into my humble home where I could live a normal safe life.

After a lot of stuggling and loud painful cries for help the tree started to flinch showing tiny signs of movement which slowly got larger, pain still blasted into my leg faster than you would believe. But it slowly faded as the tree whimpered away from its normal posistion making me slightly optimistic and relieved that somebody was hopefully going to save me but when I saw the saviour I realised this was no freind…


Nidden should not be in I’m a celebrity get me out of hare, she is not a celebrity so should not be in it, this has stoped a really famous celebrity from going on the show.THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPED. she is getting paid to work but is not working i think this is an insult to all the working class people in England.