The football match final

There I was stood outside the biggest match of them all it was United Kingdom v Germany. In the fist 40 min the score was two~nill. 45 min later the score was 6~3 to Germany, excitment buzzed in the air I knew that United Kingdom would triumph but they may not but they must if they do not I whould not know what to do I whould be lost.


On 13 June 2013 we went on a school trip to cleethorpes for 1 day for a free trip because we tried our best in SAT’s. We sat on the beach for 3 hours. Then after that we had some free chips as well. We all I enjoyed our great day out with school and  we went to the gift shop and some people got sweets some people got icecream and some people got rock after that we went to the coach and went back home. On the Way home most of us was tired but other people was quite lively and shouting. When we got back to school we was aloud straight home because it had gone past home time.

JoshS: The Abandoned Funfair

I walked slowly into the abandoned funfair my heart beating slowly beat after beat, louder and louder until I was in. In the background a soft melody was playing which I couldn’t quiet put my finger on but the more I listened to it the more I seemed to recognise it, but ignoring that I carried on walking down the long dusty road… At  the other side of the park I could see the largest roller-coaster here. but from the entrance you could only see the egg shaped drop that climbed and then plummeted towards no doubtedly terrifying any rider on-board, no matter how tough they are.

I noticed that some of the rides signs were hanging on a single hinge or had collapsed on the floor but as I walked under a ghost train the sign held above the ride collapsed above me! I immediately felt my adrenaline kick in, in a fast attempt to escape the falling sign I sprinted towards candy floss store the smell of rotting candy floss still floating in the air around it. In a final attempt to escape I leaped towards victory but then, a disaster struck that would change my life forever…

JoshS: And so it begins!

The day has finally struck, the third blogathon has finally begun and class 6 are blogging away like there`s no tomorrow. We are currently practicing our production Grease but that won`t stop us! Apart from the actors on-stage we all have a way of blogging, (Ipad`s, Laptops) we`re all ready to blog like never before and write to the best of our ability. This time instead of sleeping in the hall we`re camping out on the field in a variety of tent`s of different shape`s and sizes. So now that this first little task of mine is done let`s get blogging!

My review of a Christmas carol

On the 13th November class 6 watched a Christmas carol. It was very good but not the best film I have ever watched. We all got in our sleeping bags and settled down to watch the film.

Scrooge played a really good part because at first he didn’t like christmas and then he liked it after. Scrooge didn’t have any loving family and Christmas is a time for family and friends to be with you, my favourite part of the film was when Christmas past took him to see all of the streets and the snow. My least favourite part was when Jacob Marley died at the begining, That was my least favorite part. I like the Latest Scrooge better then the older one. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who have young children as the people and the story line might scare or frighten them.The animations were quite good it’s better when you have cartoon people more then real people, real people scare kids more and cartoons are better because they are more funny. I rate this film 4/5 stars. That’s really good to say I wasn’t that keen on it. Thank you very much for reading my review keep on visiting our site.





Year six have taken part in a 24hour blogathon, we have been blogging for 24hours. It was really hard because we had about 2hours sleep. We have wrote a lot of different blogs what are really interesting.The blogathon was a really hard challenge If we do something like that again I will definitely stay.

I liked the blogathon because it helps to make you better at your writing and also showing your work to a global audience. It was a great night if I had the chance I would do the blogathon again.

It was a real good opportunity to do something like that I would really like to do it again.

Be the best you can be

Be the best you can be means never give up no matter how hard it is. It’s our school moral because we believe that every one has the potential to make it in life no matter what. Even the staff work really hard and they believe the same and belive in the children. I remember kingswood which was really hard for me because I’m afraid of hights but I had a go at everything and had a great time.

JoshS: Be The Best You Can Be

Be the best you can be is our school motto, it represents courage, pride, bravery and honesty etc… This motto means a lot to our school like if you do get lower grades than someone else, just remember that you were the best you could be and that no matter what happens this motto will be with us forever now, even until death. We are students of Norbridge Academy that means we have to try hard in every lesson, every paragraph and sentence. As Mr Huthart says too, you may leave Norbridge someday but Norbridge never leaves you..

I hope you enjoyed reading about this motto, please leave a comment below to say what you think and look forward to the rest of the blogathon!