The owl show by mia and chloep

The other day a falconer came in to our school to show us some owls. The first one was called rocky and he was a barn owl. The second one was called gizmo. The 3rd owl was called milligan and that was a big one. I learnt that torni owls go twit twooo. I learnt that gizmo is from africa. The man told the owl to stay and it followed him. We had two big owls that come out 2nd because if they came out with the small owls the big owls would eat them. I (mia) got to hold the owl it wasn’t scary. We had to bend down so the owls wouldn’t land on our heads.

The owl man comes to visit

Today the owl man came into school and showed us four owls. They were called Gizmo, Rocky, Milligan and Ronny. Gizmo is 4 years old and he is from Africa, Rocky is 7 and a half, Milligan is 30 weeks old and Ronny is 2 years old. If an owl has yellow eyes it means that it is awake through the day, if an owl has black eyes it is awake through the night. Only a Torny owl dose the noise twittawoo. Everyone thought the owl show was amazing, everybody had to duck down when the owls swooped past. We had to have the smaller owls first and when they had done their performance they got put away and then the bigger owls did their preformance and then they got put away.We really enjoyed it.

The owl show

Today a man came to our school he brought 4 owls with him, It was so interesting here are the names of the owls he brought with him.

  • Rocky who is 7 and a half
  • Gizmo who is 4 years olds
  • Milligan who is 30 weeks old
  • Ronnie who is 2 and a half.

Then the man told us a few more facts here they are,

If a owl has yellow eyes it means it hunts during the daytime. If an owl has black or dark eyes it means it hunts at night and if a owl has orange eyes it means that it hunts early in a morning or in a evening/sunrise and sunset.

The man was also telling us all all sorts of fun facts too he let the owls off the perch and let them fly around our hall.

I totally enjoyed it.

Darcie J R and Amy H

Owl Show

On the 14th of November the Owl man came and it was really good. My favourite owl was Gizmo because it was so cute. Someone asked a question, How old is it ? The man said 5 and a half. Some lucky children got to go up and let the owl rest on their hand it was so good. In the afternoon we will sketch our favourite owl and guess what I am going to do? Gizmo. One of the owls bit the mans hand because if you put your finger in his face he will bite you, but if you are further away he won’t. Some children got to hold every single one including the adults even got to hold them. My second favourite owl is the first owl that the man introdused to us called rocky, he is from Britain. Do you know what the fastest owl is? A falcon, he can fly upto speeds of 250 mph that is unbelievable. I cant wait for this afternoon. I wish that the man would come agian with the owls but I want diffenent owls if he does come back I want to hold one. IT WAS GREAT!!!!