Time To Go

Time To Go 

Time to go sign up for war,

I’ve never seen a gun before,

Mothers shared their tears,

As soldiers shared their fears.


Time to go and all leave home,

We don’t want to be just rotting bones,

Almost crying,

Don’t want to be dying.


Time to go and wait to fight,

We’re all so hungry we just want one bite,

We are all feeling tense,

It all makes no sense.


Time to go and fire the gun,

Everyone says it weighs a ton,

One bang is all it takes,

Then nobody can see your face.



It was ninety years ago

The very end of this frightening war 

Everyone says never again                                                          

 Never again the pain and sorrow

Never again the blitz tomorrow

Never again the poisonous gas

Never again the awful gas masks                                       

 Never again the black sky

Never again who will cry

Never again will thousands die

 Never again the rations of starvation

Never again the sadness of evacuation

 Never again people are dying

Never again the children crying.

 Never again the horror of war

That’s why we say never again.