Time To Go

Signed up no turning back

Mother’s tears,

As the future clears,

Scared to death

Time to go.

Lying entrenched waiting for battle

Gun set in my hand,

The army stomping on the land,

Voices screaming in my head

Time to go.

Bang of a gun,

NO not me,

The opposition army filled with glee,

That’s it now

Time to go.

I am finished,

Wrapped in a flag,

Also in a big black bag,

My brothers at the side of me

Time to go.

Got back home not alive,

My mothers tears,

She’s filled with fears,

Not much of me left,

Time to go.

Under the ground,

All is cold,

Not a lot to unfold,

All the voices in my head are gone,

Time to go.

All my bones about to decay,

After that fateful day,

When the bang of the gun,

Threw me to the ground

I will always remember that last sound

Time to go!

Darcie Jade Royle

Age 10

7th Of November 2012

Time To Go (poem)

Time to go

Why is there snow?

Or is it worse?

It’ll end with men in a hearse,

Time to go.


Time to go

Down in the trench I get a fright,

Bang! A flash of light it’s not a pretty sight

Time to go


Time to go

Wake in the trench

To a stench

A cough, a splutter

We fall in the gutter,

Time to go

Remembrance Day 2012

On this Sunday Remembrance day will happen to honour the brave souls who sacrificed themselves so we could live in peace. I myself too know someone who died in the war and it upset me greatly when I found out, even if I didn’t I would pray to everyone who died in World War 2 anyway. Hopefully below I will put some pictures to do with this date and I wish everyone fighting the war now in Afghanistan the best of luck.