Rolling skating

Class6 went on a trip to rolling skating  one of are teacher fall over but are headteacher   is the best of rolling skating.  Class6 had dinner there in the cafe we had tv in there and music  class 6 enjoy it was cool  class 6 got there skating shoe you can get your shoe size like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 is so fun we was tired then we went back to school.

SAT’s Treat

After SAT’s year six had a treat. We got to go roller skating!

I am now going to tell you what the funniest thing that happened was:

Miss Jackson and Mrs Bartlett were unsure about going on the rink at first but miss Jackson was finally determined enough to go on the rink and when she thought she had got the hang of it she fell over!  She also fell over twice more after that! It was so funny! (Don’t tell Miss Jackson I said that!)

We all had the rink to ourselves so they turned out the lights and put bright disco lights on instead!

This is what we all did at simply skate.



Roller skating

After SAT’S class six had a treat.We got to go roller skating!

I am now going to tell you what the funniest thing was that happened that day.

Miss Jackson fell over about 3 or4 times and that was the funniest thing that happened that day.Also she was too scared to go on it at first until we pressured her to go on.

Skating trip

Our year 6 class went skating! When we got there we got our skates and went in the ring. When we tried to skate at first we all fell over lots of times then after a little while we started to get better at it. After about an hour some children were fantastic. We went for our food which was a hot and cold buffet. Also Miss Jackson fell over and Mrs Bartlett fell over, it was sofunny. Mr Huthart didn’t fall over once even though he was showing off. It was a long, funny day and we were all tried.

Roller skating!!!

After us year 6 finished our SAT’s we had a little treat… We went roller skating at simply skate in Rotherham. We all had a great time. On the bus I was sat with Darcie. My 2 best friends (Reanna and Amy) were sat behind us.

When we got there we all had to line up to get our roller skates. When we went on the rink I had to help Darcie. At lunch I was sat with Charlie, Alix and Darcie. We all had stuff to eat like pizza, chicken nuggets, chips and crisps. After lunch we went back on the rink. I had a great time!

All together I fell over three times, had a load to eat, had a good laugh with ALL of my friends and a good to end to the week!