Grease play

This year our school is doing a Grease production, as the weeks go on we have improved so much.

We all know our lines and all of the song lyrics and all of the dances too, here are some of the main parts, Danny – Liam Fox, Sandy – Olivia Williams, T-birds – Tom Prince, Owen Morris, Kieran Morris and Billy Huthart. Pink ladies – Emily Mindham, Darcie Royle, Millie Hayes, Rose Marshall.

I enjoy being a part of the Grease play because I get to say lines and do dances and sing that’s what everyone auditioned for. If you come to the production then you will see the fun we have had making this play up.


Grease is our KS2 production that we are doing this year in and throughout school people have been talking about how exciting it is going to be. We are all in gear and trying our best to act and dance in and throughout dances. I am a teacher called Blanche you might know me in the play as the silly one but in real life I’m not at all. I dance in the song ‘we go together’ which is a great dance and very enthusiastic and fun. A lot of the teachers have got very good dance ideas especially Miss Jackson and Miss Milliwater and Miss Williams. Miss Williams and Miss Jackson thought of and idea of giving kitkats out to the people who try there hardest.

We are videoing the play now and just seeing what we need to change or improve. Everyone is getting better at acting their part for example George the P.E teacher is getting better and all the teachers are Putting there all into it.

Miss cooper, Mrs Williams and Miss millwater have tried there hardest to make the background scences and Miss Cooper is hard at work painting the background which is Rydale High but in our play it is Norbridge High.

Beauty school dropout dancers are very good and have worked out a dance with one of the teachers and the dance is perfect now everyone does the same movements at the same time and Kian sings so nicely and try’s his best everytime he practices the song.

Liam sings his songs sandy very independitly and has backup dancers that have learnt a easy and quick dance in such a sort period of time, they are excellent.

Also Olivia (sandy) sings her song Hopelessly devoted very indepentditly and try’s her best everytime she sings it even though her throat hurts sometimes she will still do it.

Our whole blogathon

Well from Tuesday morning at 9:00am un till Wednesday at 9:00am we are doing a 24 hour blogathon.time is nearly up .Last night not many people went to sleep straight away well I know I did not. We had breakfast this morning I had coco pops. The drink I had was apple juice. Mr Huthart has come up with an idea for christmas jingle blogs. We have had lots of hits from diffirent countries. Now we need to carry on like a normal day today because we are not blogging. We need to work hard still and go that extra mile to impress Mr Huthart.

blogathon/sleeping at school

Last night nearly all our class slept at school doing a blogathon, it was fun but about half past 1 in the morning Mr Chesterman came in the school hall with a mask on we all screamed because it was scary and he put the mask on a whiteboard so we shined the light on it and it was there so we was really freaked out for most of the night. I slept on a blow up mattress so it was really comfy. I really enjoyed bloggiong and sleeping over at school.

All about Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson is really kind she is the best teaching assistant in the whole wide world and she should be rewarded for the best TA.Her job is to care for people and cover in different classes for the teachers, she also helps some of the children that need some extra help, Miss Jackson is in our class alot of the week and works in our class all day on a friday. I like having MIss Jackson in our class because she is fun but she also makes us do as we are told.

Be The Best You Can Be

Be the best you can be sums it up. If you try your hardest you will succeed in being the best you can be, everyone should be the best they can be. You will be the best you can be if you visit our blog.

Be the best you can be means be generous, kind and helpful. Always, always be the best you can be and here in Norbridge Academy that’s what we do.