Christmas carol review

Yesterday on the 13th of November 2012, year 6 watched the christmas carol. It was a good film overall. It was an animated remake of the tale the christmas carol it involves Scrooge who gets haunted by three ghosts the ghost of christmas past, the ghost of christmas present and finally the ghost of the christmas future. It starts with him not letting his staff get christmas off of work and him hating christmas he hates everything about it he hates presents he hates christmas dinners. As every ghost haunts him they teach him if he is nice to other people, other people will begin to like him even though the ghosts are going to kill him if he doesn’t be nice but he gets through in the end. The last ghost was a scary one to really get him to be a better person by buying turkeys for other people and giving presents to everyone and he also gave the staff member a turkey for his family to eat, he also got invited in by them so the moral of the storey is no matter how bad you are you can always redeem yourself by just being nice to everyone and make sure you have a merry christmas.

Scrooges Christmas carol film review

On the 13th of November year six from Norbridge Academy had a sleepover at school so that we could do a blogathon (where we blog for 24 hours). At about five to nine we all went into the hall and we watched a film. We watched Scrooges Christmas carol here is my review.

I think that the film was really good. It was an animated one there were some loud noises and scary parts but otherwise it was really quite amazing. I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children. Although it was really good it was quite scary.

I think that it is suitable for children age 8+

It was about 3 different spirits coming and showing Scrooge his past and future

The first spirit was Christmas Past

The second spirit was Christmas Present

And finally the last spirit was Christmas future

It was really good.



My review of a Christmas carol

On the 13th November class 6 watched a Christmas carol. It was very good but not the best film I have ever watched. We all got in our sleeping bags and settled down to watch the film.

Scrooge played a really good part because at first he didn’t like christmas and then he liked it after. Scrooge didn’t have any loving family and Christmas is a time for family and friends to be with you, my favourite part of the film was when Christmas past took him to see all of the streets and the snow. My least favourite part was when Jacob Marley died at the begining, That was my least favorite part. I like the Latest Scrooge better then the older one. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who have young children as the people and the story line might scare or frighten them.The animations were quite good it’s better when you have cartoon people more then real people, real people scare kids more and cartoons are better because they are more funny. I rate this film 4/5 stars. That’s really good to say I wasn’t that keen on it. Thank you very much for reading my review keep on visiting our site.




Review of a Christmas Carol

Last night we watched a movie called a Christmas Carol.

It was ok but the story line could get a bit confusing at times. When this happened, you couldn’t tell what was going on.

At times it was funny. Sometimes I lost track of where the film was going so everyone burst out laughing and I didn’t know what for. One of the funny parts was when The Ghost Of Christmas Future’s mouth flew open.

I think that one of the bad points about the movie is the sound. Some of the voices were a bit creaky and you couldn’t always understand what people were saying. I think that also the pictures wern’t that great because you couldn’t tell what small things were. You couldn’t see all the details that could make the film more popular.

To make it better I think that they should have different people to do the voices so it can be understandable. I also think that the pictures should be better quality. I think that if these features are added to the movie, more people will talk about it and maybe watch it.



A christmas carol review

Yesterday class 6 watched a film called a Christmas carol. I really like the film and I think that I could watch this film any time any day. I liked this film and a lot of the parts were funny most of the film was interesting. I would give this film a really good four stars out of five. Some of the parts was sad and some of the parts were happy. My favorite part was when the ghost with the chain came on and scared some people. The film was really really good and its not the best film and its not the worst either. I really liked this film it was amazing!