Our seaside trip

A couple of weeks ago we went to Cleethorpes which was amazing. We had an amazing time and we all want to go again! At first  went on the beach and we all had some money and if you wanted to go on the donkeys then you could, so I went on one called Matty and there were two more spaces so Alice and Emily went on and it was really fun. And we all had a paddle.

Then we went on a grass hill and we all had chips and we were sat down having a chat for about half an hour.

After that we went to the rock shop and I bought a mint choc-chip ice cream and a stick of humbug rock.

I really enjoyed my day at Cleethorpes and if you ever go there I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



Year six went to cleethorpes it was was so amazing and so so so so fun!

We spent all of our time on the beach which was fantasic. The wind blew and the sea swished i was having a really good time. We went to the fish and chip shop and all of our class got a cone of chips, our school trip was free, it was a treat for trying hard in our SAT’S.

When we went to the sea side we were aloud to go in the sea and have a paddle but only with our teachers though.

Cleethorpes By kian butler

Thursday 13th June year six went to cleethorpes we had a great time!

When we got there I went on a donkey mine was called Ben-10. After I had been on them I had a paddle in the sea also Chloe kept jumping in the sea and got all her clothes wet. At about 12:00pm we had our lunch then all of us played in the sea again also Mr Huthart gave me a doughnut. After that we went for a cone of delicious chips for a snack. then we wen to have a walk around some sweet shops I got some rock and I got a slush to have on the bus going back. When we got back I gave my grandma a pice of my rock.


Last week class 6 went to the seaside, when we got there we went in the sea and I rode a donkey called Joey then after we played in the sand and in the sea and got wet we had our lunch and played some more after that we went to the chip shop our school paid for everyone to have chips!! We then went to the shop and got back on the bus.

It was a really fun day. because it was forecasting a dreadful thunderstorm we took our coats and waterproofs but it was so sunny until we got on the bus then it started to rain and thunder. Over all we had a great day.

Cleethorpes :-)

On Thursday 13th June

went to Cleethorpes, we had a great time.

I sat on the bus with Kieran, Natalie, Chloe and George. We were listening to loads of music on our phones and iPods. After that we went on the beach an me and Brooke jumped in the sea and got drenched! But still it was fun.

After we got drenched me Brooke and Natalie took loads of photos. Everyone buried Kian and George it was sooooo funny!

Then we all had some chips they were delicious.Yum.



On the Thursday 13th June, we went to Cleethorpes with school and it was great fun! Me and Jasmin jumped into the sea and got drenched! It was fun though we were also teasing Liam,Olivia, Kieran and Owen wetting them in the sea. Miss Jackson didn’t really like the sea but because we wanted to paddle she had to come in with us. Me and Jasmin pulled her in and she was very wet afterwards. It was really fun.

After the being in the sea, we went to the Fish and Chips shop the chips was gorgeous!