Year 6’s Clethorpes trip.

On 13th of June , Year 6 went on a trip , to Clethorpes they began on there way there at 9:00am and they arrived at around 10:00am. When they got there they went to the beach for about an hour or more during that it time we had our dinner , there was lot of things to do such as making sand castles , collecting shells and if you had a ball you could play some games with it , also people wanted to buried up to neck in sand! After that , we walked to a hill and sat and got a cone of chips , then we went to a shop to get something’s I bought a stick of rock and a drink. After we went back to the bus and we went back to school , we arrived at school at around 3:15. It sounds like a short trip but the trip was very longer than you might think.


Last week class 6 went to the seaside, when we got there we went in the sea and I rode a donkey called Joey then after we played in the sand and in the sea and got wet we had our lunch and played some more after that we went to the chip shop our school paid for everyone to have chips!! We then went to the shop and got back on the bus.

It was a really fun day. because it was forecasting a dreadful thunderstorm we took our coats and waterproofs but it was so sunny until we got on the bus then it started to rain and thunder. Over all we had a great day.