Remembrance Day 2012

On this Sunday Remembrance day will happen to honour the brave souls who sacrificed themselves so we could live in peace. I myself too know someone who died in the war and it upset me greatly when I found out, even if I didn’t I would pray to everyone who died in World War 2 anyway. Hopefully below I will put some pictures to do with this date and I wish everyone fighting the war now in Afghanistan the best of luck.



My diary of evacuation

Friday 1st September 1939


This morning I got up very early. I wished today would never happen because I may not even see my mum again or my dad. I know I must go, a part of me says I need to go. But the other part of me says I have got to stay home with my mum. My clothes and suitcase are on the bed and I just need to get washed and dressed. Then it will be time to go to the train station. I am very worried and nervous about leaving the city. But I will write soon.


I left home with my mum to go to school. I felt like crying and begging my mum to stay! All the other children were worried and frightend but I didn’t blame them. There was a four year old girl tightly hugging her teddy bear. But when we arrived at school Mr Gorden was as grumpy as always, as soon as he said my name I knew I’d be leaving everything behind. We were walking to the station saying bye to our parents and we gave them a hug. I thought this might be the last time I would see my mum again.


At the train station it felt dark and noisy. There were loads of children crying and hugging their mums. I tried not to start crying because my mum said I needed to be brave. Boarding  the train, my suitcase felt very heavy and I  had to drag it on the train . I said good bye to my mum. Then the train started moving and after a while I could see little houses with fields and cows, I  have never seen  a cow before. Finally we reached our destination, I felt very worried because I didn’t know where I would be going or who would take me in. What if no-one wants me or worse what if someone horrible wants me? I wished I was at home with my mum. But at least I will be safer here in the country side.


As I got off the train I met the Billeting Officer who would take us to the village hall. We all sat down all tired, but all we could do  was wait for someone to choose us. I waited hours and then this lovely old couple took  in. I had to follow  them to my new home with my new family. Then I saw the most beautiful little  cottage with a farm with loads of animals which I have never seen before. Also my room was amazing. But even though it is so lovely I still miss my mum terribly.