My diary of being evacuated by Charlie H

Friday 1st September 1939


This morning, I woke up and I wished this day would have not come. I had to go away and be evacuated. Dads already gone. I wonder if someone strict will get me and I might not see mum again. Im so scared…

I felt like I was going to cry but I had to go to school. Mum kissed me goodbye, but I could not stop thinking about being evacuated. It was terrifying.


I was walking to school and I saw a group of teenage boys, they laughing at me, I also saw a little girl hugging her teddy bear. It looked like she was getting evacuated too! I felt sorry for her.


I have just got to school. Kids scrunched up paper and they threw it to me. Some kids were crying. I got tears in my eyes and a tear dripped down my face.The teacher from France came in and took the yellow register and I cried my eyes out. Then the teacher handed out the gas masks. We got our suitcase and got ready and we got out the freezing room.


The platforms were full of the colour red. I got on to the smelly, sweaty train. I did not like it at all. I saw loads of people. I was opposite to a soldier but he got off at the next station. A girl smiled at me with her little sister so I smiled back but I did not feel like smiling at all.

I can see pigs! Also cows, sheep and horses! And trees but there was really no sight.

I was there my back was sweating and I woke up. I was away from mum! I was in tears.


I got off the train I went in a strange room with my little sister. I said to her smile or else no one will pick us.

We saw this lady she was called a bileting officer. She took us all into a room well a village hall where we all got picked.

We were 3rd till last and a pretty lady picked us. She was called Rose, she had a brother called Tony and she got a girl called Rosie.They have a MASSAVE garden and a bungalow and a house. They also have a maze in the middle of their garden.

                             And me and my sister were going THERE!!! 


Diary of an evacuee

Friday 1st September 1939 7:30am

I’d just woken up ,I didn’t want to move . I’m leaving everything behind . My mum had laid clothes down for me, as I put them on my head was crammed with horrible thoughts.

Friday 1st September 1939 8:30am

I walked to school but not like any other day, today I was leaving. As I walked to school I looked at my mum, she looked as scared as I was. My head had so many questions, many I didn’t want to be answered. I was finding it hard to hold back my tears but I couldn’t cry that would have made mum even more sad.

Friday 1st September 1939 10:00 am

 As I walked to the platform I looked around, some people where actually smiling but others like me were miserable, frightened and trying not to cry. As I got on the train my mum turned around so I couldn’t see her but I knew what she was doing as I got on. I got in a carrage with other children, they were all looking out the window except one who smiled towards me.

Friday1st September 1939 4:00pm

I just got off the train as the steam cleared, I could see the fields with animals in them, little cottages with flowers on the front. We waited to be picked but it felt like we were being sold. I’m started to worry, nearly half had gone, but then a woman walked in. She was talking to the billeting officer and then she walked over to me and said, “come on love.” We went to the same cottage near the train station, her name is Auntie Ells.