Friday 1st September 1939


This morning I woke up and laid there, staring at the ceiling, I wished this day had never come. My mum came up stairs with my neatly folded clothes, I will never forget this day.

Wednesday 19th September 1939


This was the time to walk to school, I was holding my mum’s hand tightly, wiping my tears away thinking of all the bad things that could happen to me. As I walked to school I told my mum that I didn’t want to leave her and our house, I told her I wanted to stay. At school i gave my mum a big hug, then I stood in the line waiting for my name to be called out. I hoped it wouldn’t be called out so I could run home and take off the heavy gas mask and name tag which rubbed my neck.


At the station Mrs Bartlett told all the children to get on the train. I was dragging my legs because I was so tied but my mum had told me not to sit on my suitcase because it might get damaged, I dragged my suit case up the steps and when I sat down this little girl who was with her brother and two sisters smiled at me. I smiled back but I really didn’t feel like smiling. I looked out the window and the houses got smaller and really scruffy, and all of a sudden three sorts of animals came up near my window. There was a cow, a horse and a sheep!


Friday 1st September 1939


Woken up.

Half asleep,hoping this day would never come .Seeing my clothes on the end of my bed. I might not see my mum again, I dont evan see my dad he is away. What will I do if I dont see them or my home again?


I couldnt believe this day was happening. I dont want to leave my home,never, not now or ever. As I made my way to the dreadfull school I realised i might not see my mum anymore. I felt so sad I could have screamed and cried infrontof people. I didnt want to say goodbye. Then I was there at the horror school saying good bye wondering if I would see my mum again. I waited for the teacher to call my name, wishing I wasnt on the list. I went  off to the staition with Mrs Smith crying my eyes out (boo hoo!) BYE MUMMY LOVE YOU!.


So there I was standing on the platform feeling alone just looking around,seeing everyone lauging doing hand claps while I was just thinking how could they be so happy.This was a world of sadness to me. On the train I decided to look out of the window to calm myself down. There were very old houses, new ones too, But gradualy some some fields, farms and little houses.


Suddenly the train stopped .Then Mrs Smith shouted for all of us to get into a line.We walked out quietly.Then everyones faces just dropped.

Food and Shopping

In the wartime there was no supermarkets at all. What you had to do was go to a seperate shop for a different item of food, such as:

Fish – Fishmongers

Meat – Butchers

Jam, tea, biscuits and cheese – Grocers

Fruit and Vegetable – Greengrocers

Bread and  cake – Baker

Clothes, shoes, medicines, newspappers and others – from other shops

There was no supermarkets that sold everything, there was just small little shops that were normally ran by a familys who were trying to make some money. The shopkeeper or shop assistant served customers from behind the customers.

Most of britains food comes from ships and all of the ships were being bombed and in that case they were stuggling for food so people were only aloud rations of Milk, Bread and other stuff that were hard to get in the time of World War 2.

People had to register at local shops and were given a ration book, every time they had an item that was difficult to get at that point their ration book was stamped.

The foods that were rationed were

  • Bacon
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Butter
  • Meat

And it was quite difficult to get sweets. The children didnt have their first banana untill the war ended.





Out Of The Tunnel

It was great that we’d made the tunnel. As I crawled through I saw a light, then a truck was blown into pieces and a man was injured. But the medics came and dragged him to hospital. Then two men dragged me out of the tunnel and got me in the Eden camp.But there was other army men as well. But we could not break out of it, so we climbed over the gate then we ran back to the tunnel. One of the men got caught then got sent back to Eden Camp ,then he got killed by a German.